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6/14/2016 20:44 EST

I'm interested to know if anyone in the Belize forum works in Fire/EMS?

Is there a demand for persons with such skills and experience?

What can I expect, and will renunciation of U.S. citizenship be detrimental to finding an EMS position, and/or nullify any U.S. held licenses?

6/14/2016 21:29 EST

Most of the people on this forum either are retired or have decided not to work. Almost all jobs are given to Belizeans and very few are given to outsiders. By all means you need to be in the country for 6 months before you can apply for a work permit. You may find better luck with foreign corporations as a safety officer.

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6/14/2016 23:02 EST

This is not in any way a put down of people wanting to come to Belize, yourself included but more research is needed than can be found on this type of forum.
In answer to your questions I do not think there are any expats working in the fields you mention.
Demand for persons with your skills yes demands these skills would be great but these positions unlkely to be available as all jobs are offered to local persons first, there are only small fire departments scattered throughout the country.
Most of the engine stock is made up from old engines and trucks donated from other countries, little if any equipment is less then 10 years old.
What can you expect. Easy answer to that is not getting job in Belize for at least 6 months, and then only IF you were able to get a work permit.
Work permits are not like a green card you have to get a permit for a specified position, and the prospective employer has to sign on to your request. if this were to all go smoothly and you had a position 6 or 7 months down the line your salary would be very small a very WELL Paid job in Belize is 10 us $ per hour.
Why would you renounce your US citizenship. IF the above time line miraculously worked you would still not be eligible to even apply for Belize citizenship for another 5 years.
Belize does not have reciprocal licensing agreements with other countries. Partly because the USA recognizes very few if an Belize issued licences It may accept your licence as proof of experience and ability but that would be all.
From the US standpoint I imagine if 5 to 6 years down the line you renounce citizen ship all you state licenses would be nullified, that is if the ruling bodies had allowed you to keep them extant while working in Belize
Belize is a beautiful country but you probably work with better equipment on a US EM truck than in the vast majority of medical establishments within Belize. It is a very poor small country, wages are low unemployment is high, and medical facilities are very few and far between and by US standards in no way Modern.

6/15/2016 02:04 EST

Trying to find employed work is not the way and Fire/EMS positions do not exist for anyone except Belizeans even if they do exist.

The way to supplement retirement/living is to create your own work with self employment and setting up your own business.

This usually means investing $$$$

Maybe, do in Belize, what a lot of folk do here in the UK, work in the UK and live in Spain, just a few hours commute by plane from the London airports.

Wheres the nearest US airport to Belize, Houston, Miami ?? and how far.

Or just set-up an online business, but that's easier said than done for the most of us.

A lot would say if you need to work then Belize is not for you, but I disagree, nothing wrong with wanting to slow your pace of life down and Belize has lots of opportunity for the determined and creative.

Just dont expect to make your fortune.

6/15/2016 11:14 EST

Except for a few exceptions it is pretty simple. You don't make money in a 3rd world country. You take your money to a 3rd world country. Opportunities to make money are few and far between in Belize. Not saying it can't be done but lots have lost a lot trying. Get your money made then go to Belize. Most expats there don't want to spend money and the locals don't have any to spend. If you could get a work permit you would be working for the same wages as the locals and they live below most Americans standards. I think Belize is paradise but no place to work. Simple math and common sense.

6/15/2016 11:37 EST

Jane Doe, I like you am looking at Belize as a place to do business in. Giving up your American citizenship however would be major mistake unless you other pressing reasons for doing so. You may not realize that your American citizenship is one of the biggest things you have going for you. If you have to exchange it for another it should before a country which can a lot of bang for your buck.

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6/15/2016 11:58 EST

I have a friend who is a fireman in Belize. I believe he has to ride the bus between Corozol and Belize City to even get to his job. What you must understand is this. The entire set up in Belize fro the infrastructure, government, private sector, basically every thing is not like it is up here in the states. Here, we have tons of ambulances heavy machinery, and fire trucks. In Corozol, they had these little three wheel type vehicles used for ambulances that were donated by the government of Dubai. The entire set up is totally lacking in what we know as a well fitted outfit. The jobs in themselves are far and few between, and the locals will be given first dibbs. The wage they make is not what one would make up here either. I know a couple guys fro the UK. and the US who own construction companies. I think they are able to hustle out a living.
Basically, one must realize seeking out something in Belize is contingent upon a whole different set of parameters across the board when compared to how things are set up to function up here stateside..

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