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Looking to move to Valdivia or Coquimbo Chile

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5/12/2013 15:05 EST

Greetings and Salutations! My wife and I are looking to retire in less than two years, and are looking into possibly immigrating to and buying a home in Chile. Our concern is about buying a home in Chile, and then having a cop come to the door and tell us we need to leave the Country afterwards. Can anyone give us some information about the liberality (or LACK thereof) of the Chile Government about extending Visas or Passports for Seniors who have property (a home in this case) there? Any opinions, information, or experiences about this issue; will be most appreciated.

Truly, John and Syd Sullivan
(hoping to escape from the USA and the State of California, ("the Land of Fruits and Nuts").

5/12/2013 17:57 EST

Hi John.
Contact the Chilean Embassy. Apply for the required visa.
With this in hand you will be OK in Chile.

KV, 4th Region, Chile

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5/14/2013 08:53 EST

Ugh! In the past contacting the Chilean embassy was the long hard way to take care of immigration. Most people we know, including ourselves did it from within the country while on our tourist visas. They are talking about ending that route though.
I beg you not to buy until you have lived here a year or so. That is a big decision and you need to look over a number of neighborhoods and try them out b4 purchase. We are seniors who own land and are building outside of Santiago. We were told that our kids will immediately inheirit our property even if they had never set foot in the country. So foriegners can own land anyway. Check the latest data on 'all' forum as they are lawyers and keep up with the latest immigragtion data.

PS we have a room for rent when you come to visit! :)

5/14/2013 17:09 EST

Dear Ms. Hammond,

Thank You very much for your response and information. It looks as though staying in the Country won't be that much of a problem; and we are reading you loud and clear about renting first. We will keep you advised of our travel plans.

Best Regards, John and Sydney Sullivan

5/25/2013 21:31 EST

Hi John and Syd.
I moved to Chile about 4 months ago and it is incredible.

I'm writing a book and exploring and I've spent most of my time in viƱa del mar and up North in Coquimbo, La Serena , and the Elqui Valley.
I stayed for a few weeks in an awesome B&B that is for sale. When I saw your post, I thought you might be interested to check it ou. It really is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
The owners, Chris and Mehrdad are expats that have lived here for 12 years and nkow the ins and outs better than most.

Good Luck!


7/28/2013 01:31 EST

Hello John And Syd. I am originally from Chile and I was a little taken back by your posting. You really need to read a little bit more abou the current Chilean economy and social stability. Chile is under a democratic government and it is among one of the SAFEST country you can find in south America. I currently live in Los Angeles CAlifornia with my partner and we visit Vina del Mar every year. We are planning to retire in 2016. We just bought a condo together in Vina just 3 block from the ocean, brand new for about 150K. Chile is beautiful, safe, the people are friendly . I have read a lot about how to immigrate to Chile and it is very easy as long as you can prove you have a retirement income. Good luck and enjoy Chile!

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