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10/14/2015 18:54 EST

Does anyone who moves to back to Colombia knows about healthcare EPS. I asked Sanitas and I was told I can enroll only as independent worker and need to have a job to count my income to decide how much I have to pay. As I will not have a job right away and I am older. It seems I can't enroll. Is there any other company that I can qualify?

10/14/2015 19:28 EST

There is Coomeva_ they have an EOS type and a HIP Hustle that is cheaper and easier to join/qualify

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10/14/2015 19:34 EST

Please look around in the city you decide to settle,, with the EPS system, you will need to go to their doctors and if they (insurance) has few offices, you will have issues. Plus,, once you get hooked with one company, it is all most impossible to change to another company.

10/14/2015 19:48 EST

I have eps health care. I have had it for about 2 years. I currently pay 110,000 per month and occasionally an extra 2,500 pesos for services. Originally I was told (through my Spanish speaking gf because I don't speak it) that I didn't qualify because I don't work. I was 68 years old. We finally saw some intermediary, I gave her copies of all my medical records from the US and she got me insurance. Each month I pay in Bancolombia and email a copy of my receipt to the intermediary.

Hope this helps.

You can Private Message me for more specific questions.

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