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7/20/2011 12:09 EST

Need elder care for my mother, 67, has early on-set dementia. Does anyone have experience or can lead me to a provider? We are looking to rent a home (looking at areas now) to start with and have care takers live with her. She's physically strong, but needs assistance with shopping, taking meds. Her onset dementia comes for years of alcohol abuse - she's been sober for some time now, but the dementia limits her coping skills. We can not afford facilities or 24-hour care here in the US. Need some help and need it sooner than later.

7/20/2011 12:36 EST

Hello James, Raymond here.

Give me an email at , with a number to reach you, i have some solutions we should discuss, as some of the residents in Sanctuary are facing similar situations.. But important to know several other details to advise, so let me know you number and I'll call you on Skype.

Raymond Cruz

Skype: Sanctuary.CostaRica
US/ Canada Direct 1.330.449.0007

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12/21/2015 16:12 EST

Hi James.If you are still looking for care for your Mother e/mail me at wife is a RN and i too have many years experience in elder care. Thanks

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