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8/15/2011 21:40 EST

Hi All,

We are moving to Ireland late July 2012 early Aug 2012. We are looking for a moving company with obviously a good track record but also reasonably priced (we are paying for the move of a 4 bedroom house ourselves). Can anyone advise of a good moving company.? Also, what to bring with us. What is cheap and what is expensive there.?? Also, is it possible to use a 110v appliance if we use a transformer. If so what type of transformer would we need?? This would help us if we could bring our small appliances with us. ?? Any other tips or no no's would be appreciated. Thank you for your help.

8/17/2011 17:27 EST

Katy - where are you from? Tx? My family just moved here from Austin, Texas. We used Berger moving. Mainly b/c they could pack and move our stuff into storage locally, then move by boat over here to Dublin. That does take a while. They took our stuff around June 24th(ish) and it's 8/17 and we are still waiting. We didn't bring any big appliances - thought they'd be damaged by the move and we were looking more for a furnish place. We currently have my Mac computer, ds's, itouchs, all using either adaptors or converters. Adaptors are pert easy to get as well as some of the plugs for the itouchs/phones - so we can plug those directly. I suppose you could bring kitchen appliances and have adaptors/converters without any problem.

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8/20/2011 07:29 EST

Not certain where you are moving from or why. I would get quotes from several moving companies. My husband's employer moved us so don't have many details about the moving cost. Hope you have checked into work etc. as I have heard that as of 2010 it is more challenging to get into Ireland then previous. Most technological equipment will convert from 110 to 220 so all you need is an adaptor which you can get here. What is challenging to get here is the converter/transformer and if you are bringing over other electrical appliances...blender, coffee maker, TV, stereo etc. then you need to have converter/transformer for all. Make sure the converter is large enough to cover the wattage of the appliance. Plus if you get big converters you can use an American power strip to plug in the TV, DVD, gamer and so on. We have a couple large transformers and then several smaller ones throughout the house. Some applicances will actually burn up such as the high wattage hair dryers, curling irons etc. unless they are travel ones and then they will work only on low settings with the use of an adaptor. Probably would work with a transformer without blowing up but didnt bring them so don't know for certain. In order for the TV to work it has to be new and be able to switch to PAL not only NTSC. Only a select few DVD's bought in Ireland will work on an American DVD player. They mostly sell region 2 and only region O or 1 will work on the American player. You can go online and check out a store called Argos or even Tesco to see some prices comparisons. Fish and seasonal vegetables are cheap. The US dollar is weak so was running about $1.50 per US for one Euro which hurts when converting money. Many people go to America shopping...there seem to be very few craft stores and little material shops and some food items such as canned pumpkin and flavored pudding(make your own). There is a website-American soda- that specifically sells items that can't be found however some of those things like M &M's can be bought in stores here. Reeses peanut butter cups are hard to find! Good luck on your Irish adventure.

8/24/2011 18:10 EST

Hi Katy!!

We are planning to move to Ireland May/June 2012. Not sure where yet, depends on MH's job. He has been pricing containers and has gotten quotes anywhere from $2800 to $6000. We are on the East Coast near Boston. Don't know if it helps, but he also spoke to people in New York. If you need any more help, email me and I can give you some info I have at home. My husband has looked at (home) rental prices and many places come furnished. Maybe you could look into that esp when it comes to applicances. Good Luck!! Maybe we will be neighbors!!

9/2/2011 15:46 EST

Hey there,
Thank you so much for your response. It is quite complex deciding who to use for your furniture etc. We have still not decided. Hopefully we can use some of our existing stuff using voltage converters so we do not have an immediate outlay when it comes to small appliances etc. We are trying as much as possible to not increase our ex-penses as this will not be a company move. Where in Ireland are you moving to?? We would definitely love to have contact with you so that your move is as pleasant as possible.


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