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9/4/2008 19:48 EST

I am 27 years old, I currently live and work in the UK. For sometime now it has been playing on my mind to experience a new life in Jamaica. My father and his wife moved to St Anns atleast 5 years ago. I have been to visit them once and I am planning to go in December this year. I would love to get to know someone who has already moved or is planning to move out there and get an idea of their experiences.

10/1/2008 09:00 EST

hi, i am in a similar position to you!i live across the pond in ireland.im also considering a move in the new year. have you found any jobs?which part are you thinking of moving to?

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10/14/2008 18:25 EST

So far the move is only a thought. I would like to get an idea of what is available out there. I hope to go out there in December for a hol', so I will definitely do some investigations. Ocho or Mobay would be my preferred locations.

What sort of work would you like to do and what area would you go?

10/21/2008 14:09 EST

Hi Guys,
I'm planning to relocate to Ja in May 2009 latest June. Me and my husband and our two kids. We have just had enough of the uk weather and we want more of an outdoors lifestyle. He was born in JA he's only lived in the UK for 5 years so he has he's whole family there in St Anns. I'm just at the beginig stage of my research for preparing to go out there. I'm really excited too go and all but would like to meet or speak to any others that are relocating to St Anns. As I would like to make my own circle of friends!

10/30/2008 12:08 EST

hi guys!

I am considering moving to Jamaica in a couple of years. I will be visiting next year. I would like to meet fellow brits that are considering to move and those that have made the move.

10/31/2008 13:19 EST

hey guys, I also am considering the move :) I would really like to move somewhere where the Exchange would really benefit me. :) I am living in Canada. I would really Love to experience the lifestyle. I am also trying to get my friend to come with me :) I want to possibly work a lot first then save up and go out. I'm not really sure of the area's to live, I'd like something just inexpensive but comfortable :) I suppose a lot of research is in order? Let me know if you guys have found anything out :)

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11/6/2008 18:41 EST

hi every one since my last posting i have visited jamaica a couple of times. the place is just on a massive face left of improvements, the high way roads are now easier to drive on although the locals drive to fast. i really do like the area of ochi and runaway bay,i have decided to locate in the area of manderville, i have found a lovely house, the neihbours seem fine and helpfull. having a car made a real difference on this trip it made my dream feel real and nearer. i had to obtain a TRN number without it official business was very difficult to bring about. During my visit i might loads of people from the uk who has settled and they have no regretes. And what was nice they were all young between the ages of 30-55. How is everybody else doing with their planes. i am due to return very soon. All the best toeveryone else.

11/7/2008 08:07 EST

I'm an American living in Negril for over one year now. Tourist visas only last 6 months but you can leave and return and no one seems to track things. Living in Jamaica is NOTHING like visiting Jamaica and once you are here a long time thngs change. People treat you differently and you can witness the difference in seasons. Summertime is difficult here for many because business is slow and there is no money. You find more beggars and it can become a hassle for some foreigners.

Working here is very difficult unless you have some special skill like a teacher or doctors. I started my own business here and its taken me most of the year to get the paperwork sorted out.My goal is to qualify for a work permit undermy own company. Iwork online and registered my US corporation here as an overseas company to get started.

Research visa restrictions, job and work permits and how you plan to live before you move here.My advice is to make money abroad and live here because there is not much money here to be made.

Running a business is hard with so much competition and foreigners are not very welcomed in the tourism industry.

Read the www.jamaica-gleaner.com each day for whats happening here in country. You'll see some interesting things there. This is a violent country and you are going to see things you won't see at home. Something as simple as a trip to the market can be an adventure in Jamaica. I recommend you stay here at least 3 months before you make a permanent move to Jamaica.

My blog about moving to Jamaica

11/7/2008 13:04 EST

Hi Guys,

I have just moved to Jamaica in July of this year and so far I have no regrets. I am 32 years old and live with my daughter who is 10. We moved to Kingston because as the capital acsess to good schools, jobs shopping etc is alot easier. Kingston is not what I imagined, like anywhere in the world there are good areas and bad. There is a large international population here and I dont feel I stand out as much as in other areas of Jamaica.
I would love to here from anyone planning or made the move to JA.

11/24/2008 15:05 EST


Well am moving to JA in December 09, Had enough of the cold. I am planning to move with kids and hubby to westmoreland, We are building a house there. Ok building a house is costly but you design it how you want and in the long run works out cheaper as it is newly built. I am happy to give you some tips on moving. JA is lovely and i cant wait to go back. There is only one problem i am applying for my citizenship by desent, do you know if there is a simplier way of doing this while am waiting. Work wise its not easy sometimes its who you know or what you have to offer Nursing Teaching etc is a good start.
Good luck and let me know how far you have reached.

11/24/2008 15:12 EST

Hi Asia

I am planning to move to JA next year. Question How did you sort out your citizenship?

12/4/2008 18:43 EST

hi englishrose, how are things going. Have you done your application i have looked in to the citzenship and by decent is the best way for us. i trust your plans are going well, i am not doing to bad, but i would like the citzenship sorted. i am due to go back in december 08. i have just being buying up some household items. not furnitures, wow their bedroom suites out there are lovely.

1/1/2009 18:03 EST


I plan to move to JA in November of this year from the UK and was wondering how hard it was to get employment. I work in a law firm as a legal sec

1/5/2009 15:20 EST

hi ya

happy new year, the plan are going ok the flat is full cant breathe. i have asked a lawyer to make the application for me but as usual she is dragging her foot if its not done by next week will be taking papers back and doing it myself. The furniture there is lovely but am sending my stuff until they no more use then i will get new ones money is tight. Did you travel in dec and how was it. When are you going back am travelling in june to hopefully put on yje door and put in the windows thats if its finish holla back soon its so nice to be able to talk to someone about jamaica.

1/5/2009 15:24 EST

HI Rayjay

Job can be difficult to find but with experience its a foot on the ladder and the added bonous is that you are from the uk, English education is very much respected in Ja. Good luck. Where in JA are you going?

2/2/2009 15:02 EST

Hello to all the expats living in jamaica...
I have moved to the parish of ST Catherines, with my two teenage daughters and my husband, who is Jamaican. I plan to be here for another couple of months or so andwould like to get to know and meet some other western women who have travelled here, my daughters as well, would like to meet children of their age group who have lived abroad from Jamaica. Their age group is from 12-16 years old. I do not know if I can post phone numbers on this forum, but here goes- 876-378-738, my name is Traci, feel free to call and if I am in the area we could meet for coffee or tea!!!!!

2/16/2009 12:32 EST

Hi brownsuga,

have you made the move yet ? i moved from uk to spain as i thought it had a sunnier climate but it now has a proper winter, milder than uk but cold all the same.

ive had my regrets and are now hoping to move to jam rock (jamaica) as soon as possible, in the countryside,
i grew up part time in jamaica so im not too green, still got the accent.

id love to hear from anyone who might be moving close to trelawny which is my neck of the woods.

2/17/2009 06:42 EST

Hi english rose, my husband is from westmoreland and hanover, im from trelawney, we are going home in june this year to fix up our old house, like you im fed up of the cold, if you need someone to touch base with feel free to drop me an email on

2/17/2009 06:52 EST

Hi Krinisty,

theres a couple from trelawney that works as a consultant and will do all the research on your behalf, compile it into an information pack and forward this info to you for a fee.
they are migrants from the uk with jamaican connections

2/17/2009 09:20 EST

Hi Sascha. I too am considering/planning the same. Have you any idea when this year. I have reservation for Dec 09. V.

2/17/2009 11:53 EST

Hi, I read your message with great interest. I am planning a move to Jamaica for good around June/July this year with my family and would like to talk to people who have recently moved out there. I will be staying with my mother to begin with as she has just recently retired out there 2 year now. My main aim is to set up my craft business around Ocho. I am really looking forward to it but don't really know what to expect. I don't know whether I will have a hard time trying set up a business in a foreign land. I would be greatful if you could let me know what to expect and if you know of anyone who has set up a business out there. What are you doing out there? I also have an 8 year old who I will be travelling with. He is a bit younger than your children but it is a start. Looking forward to hearing from you.

3/8/2009 08:56 EST

hey everyone! Im a 22 year old thinking about moving out of the states in a few months was thinking about the island atmosphere to open up a business or just work down there for a little while, anyone with any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

3/12/2009 17:18 EST

Hello Traciculture,

I am currently living in Kingston which is not to far from St Catherine. I moved here from the Uk July of last year. I have a 10 year old daughter and would love to hear from you.

I would also love to hear from anyone who has moved hear from the Uk, interested in talking or even meeting up.

3/12/2009 19:00 EST

Hello Jinger,
As I was reading your blog, it felt as if you were writing about me! I have moved to Spain in the last 7 months! It's so cold that my itch to reach final destination JA now has been hurried along and I plan to move next year. I'm a Teacher looking at schools local, Private and International, but seem to find it a little hard finding the Ads?! I plan to settle in St Mary's, however not pickey what area I work in to start. I wish all you the best of luck. x

3/15/2009 09:00 EST

Hi i'm 23yrs old and have visited jamaica a few times to see freinds and family. I'm planing on finishing university and then moving there to teach, it would be nice to here from anyone around my age who is looking to do the same thing. When i go to live there i will going to the falmouth area and would any advice on moving and working there. : )

3/27/2009 19:32 EST

Hi. I found your response very helpful but have some questions I can't seem to find answers for. I have been to negril twice and have a place to live there if I want. What I don't know is if I can go there w/o a job in place before I get there in order to get a work permit. Is that actually the case? Any info you can give would be very appreciated. By the way, I'm american. Thanks, Lisa

3/29/2009 00:03 EST

I have recently come back from Jamaica as I can not get my pets into Jamaica and need to be with them. Me and my kids and husband and dogs will be relocating to Belize within the next month or so.
Moving to Jamaica and visiting are too different things. Getting a job somewhere near negril or Westmoreland would be hard unless you have skills that some Jamaicans don;t have or unless you have a fixed income.
If you have a fixed income, you can live in Jamaica comfortabley with about 2000 us dollars per month. You will not be living in Stoney Hill or beverly hills but you can live in a parish in a scheme and rent a house for about 5 to 6 hundred per month. Food is very expensive, and so is cigarettes and booze, if that is what you are into but to live and eat and try to assimilate in the culture, you would need a fixed income.
I used to love Jamaica when I was younger, but now that I am in my thirties, I feel it is not the most positive place to bring my family and making friends is not the easiest. Unless you have a large amount of investment to open a business or a fixed income, it would be a real adjustment. Like I said, vacationing here and living here are two different stories. You can now reach me at 604-581-9872. I will be here for the next month, hope all goes well with you.

4/10/2009 10:20 EST

Hi I am 34yrs old and I am also planning to move to jamaica with my husband who is jamaican and my five children, we are looking for land in or around mandeville or even if we see a reasonable house with space that we can adopt to suit us, I love JA and am looking forward to handing in my resignation letter at work and leave london! we will be travelling out regularly till we finally move for good in April 2011, looking to talk and share ideas with anyone in similar position.

4/12/2009 14:10 EST

Hi Lisaboo,

I'm also looking to relocate to Jamaica in the near future in the Mandeville area as well. I was born in Jamaica but left when I was very young. I've been in Canada far too long and the cold and gloomy weather is getting to me. Let me know how your journey is going as far as finding a home/land.

4/14/2009 14:52 EST

hi to all of you who hope to relocate to Jamaica.

I have looked online for positions in the field of nursing or education and made several inquiries. I never get any replies. do you think it is better to try and find employment in person? do the local citizens resent jobs going to expats? Anyone know anything about a place called Maroon?

Thanks for insi

4/19/2009 14:37 EST

Hello to all:
I see a few people are interested in info on Mandeville. We have lived here for 3 years now. We have 3 children, so I can give info there too. I agree with the comments already given about the work situation. In the last year, it has gotten worse and both the alumina plants are closing, so a lot of people are being laid off. Jobs going to ex-pats is something that people greatly resent. But, if you come with an outside income and can give them work, you will be embraced. Also, the person that said that the beggars can be really obnoxious was sooo true. But, if you have tough skin and can learn to keep your gate closed and "the look", you will be fine. I am from the US, for those that are interested, and have no Ja roots. Love to help anyone I can. Bye.

5/3/2009 14:15 EST


hope all your plans are progressing well. I am currently living in England and want to move to Negril asap. I am not a wealthy retired expat just a hard working mum of 3 who wants a little sunshine and a more balanced life for my family. Can you give some idea of what it will cost to build a modest 3 be house in westmoreland I would love to live near blufields or Sav. Any idea would let me know if my dream is possible as when I look at jamaican real estate websites I want to give up hope! Any advice would be much appreciated :-)

5/4/2009 02:02 EST

Hi Lisaboo

like you I cant wait to leave England. I plan to move to Jamaica with 3 of my 2 children by 2011. Would go now but myu son has started GCSE's. I wondered if you have anyidea how much to build a modest 3 bed house I am worried that since the house prices have dropped in England I will not have enough equity to realise my dream. Any advice would be great.

5/4/2009 02:10 EST

Hi englishrose

I plan to move with my husband and 2 of my 3 children had enough of England. Love westomoreland bluefields, Negril or Sav would be my ideal. With the house prices dropping here I am not sure if I still have enough equity to make it happen. Can you give me a rough idea of what it will cost to build a modest 3 bed house and buy some land. I look at many websites with very high prices obviously aimed at retired expats. I am just a hard working woman wanting a better life in the sun and less stress. Please reply any advice would be much appreciated

5/20/2009 13:35 EST

Hi Deanie,

I know exactly what you are going through - in terms of finding land & building a house in JA. We have just finished our house in an upscale community in Mo Bay. My hubby has done a great job. We are currently living in the UK, should you need any advice contact me at
I have been scanning everyone comments regarding jobs, schools property etc - based on our wealth of experiences & knowledge - why dont we pull together & create our own 'workforce' (jobs) & generate a income to enable us to leave the 'cold' & enjoy the lifestyle in the sun, which we all deserve. All those that are wiling to come together as one - email me & we can exchange ideas... & get things going!!

5/20/2009 19:13 EST

Hi Cazwin

thanks so much for replying I have been waiting in suspense. I will definately email you at the weekend I have lots of questions and would love to share ideas. Thanks again for getting in touch :-)

5/25/2009 17:23 EST


I am from the US and am looking into moving to Trelawny area. I'm trying to decide if buying a few cars and renting them out would be a solid income. I've visited Jamaica 3 times now and am hoping to go back in September. Any advice about working or moving to Jamaica would be great.

5/25/2009 17:34 EST

Hi, I would love any advice you have on moving to Jamaica. I know some friends that could help me set up a little taxi business and was wondering if I had 2-3 cars bringing in $10,000 jamaican per week for each car if that would be a descent enough living. I will probably move to the Trelawny area. I have a good job in the US now so I'm considering saving some and then moving, any idea how much I should save or how much it costs per week or per month to survive in Jamaica?

5/27/2009 05:07 EST

HI, How are you settling in. I am planning to move sometime this year as i have just been offered a job out there in kingston. any advice??

6/27/2009 09:56 EST

my husband and i moved from the UK to Mandeville 10 years ago with three young children. we were all born in the Uk but i went to school out here for three years. our parents joined us from the UK a few years later. My mother-in-law is English, she came over with my father-in-law not knowing if she would want to stay, that was nine years ago she loves it here misses her family but thats about it. we both had our houses built didn't have any problems there, my husband didn't know much about building but he was there every day to make sure everything was ok. we found a wonderful private school Belair it as Kindergarten, Prep and High school so no worry there. take your time when you are building make sure thats where you want to live, and i am sure you will be fine. GOOD LUCK

7/2/2009 21:15 EST

how do i move with my 4 dogs?. is there a restriction?.

7/12/2009 06:35 EST

I am planning to sell my home and go and live in Jamaica with my significant other who was returned to Jamaica and just before he returned had a stroke. So I am planning to go and put the rest in the Lords hands. Do you have any advise on how to get a small place for him and I. We are elders and have a few more years to enjoy our lives. What about your belongings how do you do that? Is it by weight? Please tell me about health insurance?

Thank you,

10/7/2009 15:11 EST


I too am considering moving to JA in the very, very near future, and going over end of November for research purposes. Its great to know there are other like minded people out there that feel the same way I do. I cant wait to escape London and go back to Jamaica. Any information that can be shared will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to join/meet anyone else with the same dream.

1/26/2010 04:30 EST

hi englishrose. i am planning to move to JA with my husband of 7yrs. he is a jamaican only been in th uk for 6yrs. we are going to kingston but although he knows the country i have only visited. i would like to hear from anyone who has made the move or planning to make the move. i am interested in what types of jobs are available. i love JA but i'm also aware that holidying and living permanent will be different. i am however looking forward to the change. i eagerly await your reply. maria

1/26/2010 05:06 EST

hi lisaboo
i live in birmingham uk and my husband of 6yrs and jamaican and i are making plans to move back to jamaica. he is fed up of people telling him what to do when to do it and the cold weather has fianally got to him. we plan to go in November 2011 so you know what the preps intail. we are going out in june this year to have a look at where we will live in kingston. can you contact me via my email address there are a few things that i would like to know about electrical appliances and such like. look forward to hearing from you. maria

3/31/2010 04:21 EST

hi all

hope your plans have gone to plan so far or at least on the ball. like you my husband has been in the UK for 6years. the plan is now to return to Jamaica in the next 18 months. we will be going out in June to have a look around. we plan to relocate to Kingston. would love to contact anyone relocating to the same area, or just speak with some british folk.

3/31/2010 04:21 EST

hi all

hope your plans have gone to plan so far or at least on the ball. like you my husband has been in the UK for 6years. the plan is now to return to Jamaica in the next 18 months. we will be going out in June to have a look around. we plan to relocate to Kingston. would love to contact anyone relocating to the same area, or just speak with some british folk.

4/11/2010 22:10 EST

Hi Everyone,
I recently moved to Ocho Rios St.Ann from the U.S with h my husband and our three boys. Everything is great except my problem is landing a job. I have a Bachelors degree in Finance and I will be done with my MBA in December '10. I seriously started looking in February but nothing so far. My advise to you all is to first find employment before moving, unless you already have a fixed income. Here is my number if anyone wants to link up.

4/12/2010 10:46 EST

Hi Guys,
I've not moved to JA quite yet, as I've been concerned about some issues regarding my homeland.

Me and my hubby still very much want to leave dreary London (If it wasn't for me, my hubby would have left already lol) but I just can't seem to shake off the concern about the high violence against women and children. I mean the UK has it's problems and is getting rougher by the minute, but for such a small island the number of crimes against children is extremely high, so much so that I would probably fear to allow the kids to play outside....

We'll instead of upping sticks I've decided to go and spend 2 months out there in December, so I can really see for myself if its ok for the kids, and if I can adapt to the way of life.

Also to women on this site do any of you have concerns about:
- the constant harassment, ogling and sleazy comments from the men
- The fact that because you have an accent people try to constantly rip you off
- The attitude, dirty looks and bitchin from the girls
- The constant begging and the gimmie gimme my name is Jimmy syndrome...

If anyone has any tips on how to get around these things please do share :0)

4/13/2010 11:26 EST

Hi Brown sugar, just wanted to know if you ever did reach Jamaica and wondered how you are getting on. I myself made the transitition 6 months ago now. I've been living in Mandeville. Life has been a bit slow but i'm taking my time and hoping that things will pick up soon as I have stared craft business. I'd like to hear how you are getting on and what you are doing. I look forward to hearing from you.

4/13/2010 11:38 EST

Hi Bubbles, I noticed that you are/were living in Mandeville. I myself have relocated from the UK and have been living here for 6 months now with my 9 year old son. We are living with family which is fine. Everything is going fine but a little slow. I noticed what you said about meeting lots of returning residents here. I must say that I have not met any and would love to know where I could find them. I and my son do feel a bit isolated as wherever we go, we seem to be the only British people around. It does tend to get lonely at times as it would be good to communicate with people from the UK too. Please do respond and let me know. Thanks

4/13/2010 11:46 EST

Hi Asia, just wondered how you are getting on. I have made the transitition from the UK 6 months ago now with my 9 year old son. I'm living in Mandeville with my family and have to say it has been ok so far. The only drawback is that I have met no returning residents and wherever we go, we seem to be the only British people around. My son attends school here but he is the only foreigner there. He does feel a bit lonely and isolated and says he wants to return home because he misses his friends. I also feel isolated and a bit lonely as I have not really made any friends here at all. The people seem quite friendly but I cannot say I have a good friend to sit and chat and have a laugh with. I know you are in Kingston and I have visited the area a few times and also have an Aunt but for me it's the same all over. I would love to hear of your experience of Jamaica and look forward to hearing from you.

4/13/2010 11:58 EST

Hi, just wondered how your move is going. I and my 9 year old son have relocated from the UK and now living in Mandeville 6 months now. We are living with family. The only drawback is that it's hard to make friends and we don't seem to meet people from the UK or elsewhere. It can be quite isolating and lonely for both myself and my son but it would be good to hear from you about your experience and any further information we could share. I look forward to hearing from you.

4/13/2010 12:01 EST

Hi, did you ever relocate to Mandeville? I made the transition 6 months ago from the UK. My son and I are living in Mandeville and would like to hear further from you so that we could share some stories. Looking forward to hearing from you.

4/13/2010 18:39 EST

Hi englishrose,
Thanks for your reply, i have not moved out as yet. but i have sent all my things down. i am still sorting out some finances. i am there very often. i returned this year in Feb and i am due to go again in the next few months. i love it there i am always there. i have not done my citzenship as yet but it is in the process. yes i did go over in Dec 09 and i took some xmas crackers for a english lady that i met on expat who has returned. she runs a law firm in Christiana. Keep in touch bubbles50.

4/13/2010 18:39 EST

Hi englishrose,
Thanks for your reply, i have not moved out as yet. but i have sent all my things down. i am still sorting out some finances. i am there very often. i returned this year in Feb and i am due to go again in the next few months. i love it there i am always there. i have not done my citzenship as yet but it is in the process. yes i did go over in Dec 09 and i took some xmas crackers for a english lady that i met on expat who has returned. she runs a law firm in Christiana. Keep in touch bubbles50.

4/13/2010 19:24 EST

Hi Truevibes

Thanks for emailing me, i hope you are enjoying your self. I have been going to JA for a number of years now, and i have found it difficult to meet genuine assosiates who does not stress you out. So far i have meet a number of UK expat who are really nice and i meet up with them each time that i am there. returning residents meets regually at the golf view hotel in Manderville they have meetings and activity programmes. There is also a law firm in Christina - Janet Patmore she is a uk expat she can be helpful. There is also the new hotel on spur tree hill (not far from the roundabout at manderville) that has activites going on with expats. i have not moved over as yet but i have sent all my things over. i am always there. i just have a few more things to sort out. i hope everything pick up for you. And maybe you can also improve your trade by using an internet site. My friend relocated from the uk to st-bess and that what she has done and receives sales from as far as japan and else where.

Keep in touch and all the best. Bubbles50.

5/3/2010 17:04 EST

Hi i'm 39 and moving back to Jamaica w/ my wife and 2 year old daughter. We will be moving to an ecovillage in St Thomas located on 63 acres (www.thesourcefarm.com) Take a look at the site and stop by for a visit.

5/3/2010 17:53 EST

In responce to your post concerning housing, we have built 2 earthbag houses in Jamaica. The method of using earth to build homes is nothing new we have have been able to use a technique taht creates a hurricane and earthquake resistant structure that is less expensive than a block and steel structure. There are pics of the building process at www.thesourcefarm.com
You can contact me at 267 235 7418

6/15/2010 11:02 EST

hi I'm a 19 year old tig welder from newcastle upon Tyne have wished all my life to get away from the UK and now I think our country is getting a bit of a stressful joke to be honest, I have thaught hard about which country I wanted to move to and Jamaica is my best choice. iv never been yet but going for my birthday in April next year with my girlfriend. would love to no of any welding jobs available over there or cheap accomodation until I get sorted. also would like to no a good area to settle. any help I would really appreciate, thanks.

6/16/2010 06:01 EST

please contact me if anyone noes of any welding jobs in Jamaica 07977131537

6/16/2010 06:08 EST

Hi Ricci,

my advice would be to avoid Kingston and St Andrew areas . areas id recomend are St ann which is ocho rios areas, St James which is montegobay areas, Mandeville, Run away bay, Discovery Bay, Duncans etc

If you like the countryside then Lower Trelawney which is Falmouth and surrounding areas is a good choice and its close to the coast about 15 minutes drive, the beach is close also. you find accommodation in the tourist areas that i mention above except for trelawney a bit expensive.

My advise is if youre looking to live there permanently then rent something just outside the tourist areas which is cheaper but you will still be close enough to get to it within 15 minutes.

Trelawney and Hanover are two good examples as Hanover is between Negril and Montegobay theres a nice little village called hopewrell which is a mix of locals and english, americans who live there permanently and its coastal you can walk to the beach.

Falmouth trelawney is coastal too but if you go like 15 minutes inland its cheap to rent, you wont see much white persons but youre only 10 minutes away from them and the coast, the locals are very friendly and thats my neck of the woods.

Im be there in July for 3 months to renovate my property for holiday rentals as where i am is part of the Cockpit country which is Eco Tourism.

Jobs are hard to find in Jamaica now but guess what, if you are a good welder you could try starting your own small business and be self employed, you could make
security grills etc which is in high demand in Jamaica.
You just need to advertise your business in the local papers same as you would in england and people will trust you to do business with you simply because youre british.

So think more of self employment rather than looking for a job.

You didnt mention what your girlfriend does but she could either work togather with you or try and get an hotel job.

If you need anymore info please ask.

Maureen Douglas

6/16/2010 20:22 EST

Hi truvibes,

How is you 9 year old son coping with the move? I'm also interested in moving to Jamaica in the near future. I have 5 children but 2 are in college, 2 attending high school and one in elementary school. I would love to move there now but I know economically its very hard to get by in Jamaica if you don't have a job and finding a job is very difficult. So I've been brainstorming to see what I could do to earn an income as a self employed individual. since you're there are there any things you see that is lacking and would be a good business idea. I haven't decided where I want to live but I have several places in mind; Mandeville, St Mary, St Andrew, St Ann, St Elizabeth. Any ideas you have or suggestions are would be appreciated. Signed homesick.

6/20/2010 09:09 EST

Hi there
My name is Reggie from Accra-Ghana,Am planning moving to St Ann In Jamaica to study with the University of West Indies open campus in browns town and probably work.

Can you give me insight to how living in Jamaica looks like? Job Opportunities.Can i hung out with you family? Get to know each other.Help me with Good work to do? And so on.

Please get back to me.

Thank you

6/20/2010 09:11 EST

Hi there
My name is Reggie from Accra-Ghana,Am planning moving to St Ann In Jamaica to study with the University of West Indies open campus in browns town and probably work.

Can you give me insight to how living in Jamaica looks like? Job Opportunities.Can i hung out with you family? Get to know each other.Help me with Good work to do? And so on.

Please get back to me.

Thank you

6/22/2010 06:25 EST

try jamaica national building society. they have branches in england

6/22/2010 06:33 EST

at the moment, medical services at public hospitals are free but usually covers the most basic of needs. try blue cross for other health insurance needs

6/22/2010 06:37 EST

I know of a place called maroon town. if you google nursing council of jamaica you will find contact numbers and a list of nursing positions that are available all over the island. naj will also help you with information to get licensed as a nurse. going in pwerson may not be a bad idea

6/22/2010 06:48 EST

I used to go high school with janet patmore. knox college to be exact

6/25/2010 00:58 EST

Hi Famous, I also have 5 children in similar age range. Live in the US and have been feeling homesick. Also have similar worries about economy/jobs. I've been teaching for past 6 years and love it. Not sure how to get teaching Job in Jamaica. Please let me know if you make the move. All the best.


7/2/2010 05:38 EST

hi is there any areas of Kingston that would be ok to settle

7/20/2010 05:07 EST

Hi, I would love to move my family of 4 to Jamaica!

7/20/2010 18:27 EST

Hi Deanie
You are probably in Jamaica by now i have not been on this site for sometime now so sorry. Well the price of building a house is cheap its the work men that are expensive unless you are there or have someone who has your back my advise is dont build. As for land there are a few that i know thats going link me if its not too late and i will get more info for you. Am building in Belmont but i intend to run my home as a guest house its a big project and am skint doing it but its my dream. Well take care for now all the best. Rose

7/20/2010 18:34 EST

Have you made any plans yet
i hope to do the same

7/20/2010 18:44 EST

Hi bubbles
My goodness its been a long time i have not been on this site. I wish i was at the stage you reached am gonna take the plunge very soon but the money part is killing me. I have my citizenship now got it in December. Its better if u do it urself it does not take long and its free! in-fact it only took a week. I hope to hear from u respect

7/20/2010 18:50 EST

Hi Maria
i keep apologising for my late replies i have not been on for a long time. Cant help you with the work part as i left ja a long time ago and when i return i'll be self employed.
As for the living and holidaying dilemma dont think do it am still here in the uk and wish i was not so if you can afford to do it now go ahead. Link me anytime. 07950717660

7/28/2010 04:49 EST


i haven't been on the site for a while, but it was good to hear from you. i recently visited JA and enjoyed every bit of it. We had a look around and got some really good advise from family and friends about income and so on. We have come back to the UK with a clearer insight of where to live and when we would like to make the transition. We will be looking at the end of next year so at present it's work work work. had a few items to ship and have purchased some others which are in JA. Things are looking positive and i would like it to stay that way until i leave. Have tried to call you but just getting voicemail. I'll keep trying though.

8/5/2010 18:00 EST


Thanks for the message, I have made up my mind. I will be taking the family to JA between Feb-March.
The house is not where it should be by now but if i put it off any longer i will never leave. I cant call you but please try and call me when you can.
All the best

8/5/2010 18:02 EST

Hey sorry could you please forward the shipping company that you used trying to get some quotes.

8/6/2010 03:59 EST

Hi English Rose, I am moving to Kingston. I went from November and came back at the end of November, so I had six months living there to make up my mind if it is really what I wanted and things went better than I thought. I was just renting at the moment though.

I know what you mean though, sometimes you just have to make the decision to go, otherwise there always seems to be something you can think of that can hold you back.

I am going back in October. Glad to see things are coming along so nicely for you, all the best!

8/6/2010 09:06 EST

Hi englishrose,

Im in Jamaica now doing some work on my house and loving every minute of it, only downside is everything is so expensive ! but im coping,

for shipping from the UK i used Transpkship. telephone 01623 441 445.

web address is . www.transpakship.co.uk

They also do a door to door service which is very convenient.

good luck and take care

8/6/2010 09:19 EST

Hi Galicia,

sorry for the late reply, been busy in Jamaica trying to get my house to a state where i can live in it while its been completed.

I know the feeling, i go back to Spain begining of october but not for long, ive had enough, ill stay maybe a year at most to get myself togather to return home.

Work is hard to find so you will need to create your own job opportunities.

im a country girl so im considering going into Farming livestock lol like my gran did lol.

im good at marketng sio the pork chops and chicken drumstick legs on your dinner plate might just come from my farm lol.
if i can get some land to lease that is.

There are a lot of schools in Jamaica now lots of private ones so look them up and start applying or you can probably go into homeschooling, that seems to be an option in jamaica now, people are now choosing this option.

Good luck girl, keep in touch!


8/11/2010 11:18 EST

Hi Jinger
How you doing, Thanks for the no. You lucky thing in ja already wish it was me but it soon will me. keep in touch and let me know how you getting on. Where are you building?

8/14/2010 11:33 EST

I bet you would miss the uk though!

9/21/2010 04:42 EST

Hi Englishrose. Hope you're well. Tell me how are you getting on with your plans. Well as for me i am making progress. We still have a little way to go but things are now taking shape. Obviously i will miss my family but at least they will have an excuse to come and see me. I was out in JA in June and really enjoyed myself. We stayed over at Beverley Hills with family and that was really nice. We know where we want to live now. Would like to hear from you just to talk. Call me on 07960207954.

10/8/2010 17:21 EST

Lived in Jamaica for 4 yrs. Heard so much negative didnt know what to expect. I must say it was not bad at all. My kids attended the International school and they loved it . They made friends quickly. We would go to Florida for long weekends . Flight is quite short and you can get some great deals sometimes. We would also go to the tourist resorts on long holiday weekends.There is crime here and you have to exercise caution. Nevber had any problem while I was there. Food is expensive but supermarkets are fairly well stocked> iahve lived in 3 other Caribbean Islands and I must there supermarkets were the best. They are beggers on the streets ,keep your windows up when ypu stop at traffic lights. Stay away frim inner city area's.Shopping is limited but again its so close to Florida we would do most of our shopping there for clothes etc.Huge expat community in Kingston, but get involved in the Jamaican community as well. We made really good friends there who were very helpful. remember its a developing country it has its problems exercise a little patience you will be fine. Driving .....people drive very fast, taxis dont know the road code and stop anywhere.....if ever taking the bus use the public bus sytem. ....not the private ones They are the really big buses. getting a car here is pretty easy lots to choose from. and usuually in good condition. Never rent a house withour burgular bars. It rakes a coule months to get in the groove, but once settled it will be ok.

11/8/2010 18:29 EST

Hi im ricci 19 years old from newcastle england i really want to move to JA when im 22 i am a fully qualified tig welder and my girlfriend is studying travel and tourism. Are these skills any good over there?

1/9/2011 17:49 EST

Hi Asia, I hopw you and ur daughter are well. Compliments of the season too! My husband and I are moving to jamiaca by March and wouldlove to kno wmore of your experience as hi swork i sogign to be in Kingston and thats where we will be, pls advise as to where will be a good area for us to live and how is security and would love to her from you.

1/22/2011 16:37 EST

I have owned 10 acres of land in Portland parish up in the mountains with water falls, with coconut and fruits trees, mongoosse, wild pig, etc etc, very very lovely. I am planning to return soon and begin building my lodge by the big pool and some guest houses, I will make contact with many of you in due seaon. Tek care. Lickle more, Jeff Weston from Alaska

5/10/2011 18:51 EST

Mandeville is a really great area,love the kool hills. Also there are alot of British people living in Mandeville. Great private schools as well. I had the pleasure of attending hs there and it was the best years of my life. I'm currently building my home about 15-20mins from Ocho Rios(love the sea) and I'm doing a research on private schools for my kids. Columbus Prep, Marjam and ULC were recommended to me and I discovered St.John's Prep.

5/10/2011 19:01 EST

I'm familiar with many parts of Jamaica so I'm more than happy to assist you with any information I can. I have a property for sale in Kingston if there's anyone looking to purchase email me for further info. It's a 3bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom townhouse/apartment in a gated community located close to the Universities.

8/2/2011 11:53 EST

Your full number didint show up and your post was from 2009. I hope this message will find you now!

I am marrying a citizen of JA in October and moving to Sav-la-Mar with him in Dec. I have so so so many questions!

I have an 8 year old girl that I will be relocating with me.

I would like to chat if you are still on the forum!

8/9/2011 14:49 EST

I am planning to move there when I retire. I was planning on buying one of those gated community houses in St. Ann. My friends told me that the country is not a good pick for retiring but I am not listening to them because they are not living there. Any suggestion anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

8/9/2011 20:57 EST

I'm building in a gated community in St.Ann and it's pretty great. I really love it. There are several gated communities in St.Ann, some require that u purchase land and build,others u purchase the already built houses. You just have to go there and look around and believe me,it's easy to fall in love. Jamaica is beautiful

8/10/2011 12:50 EST


What exactly do you want to know?

8/13/2011 13:48 EST

I Am a marketing Manager from Jamaica and i just wanna say that Jamaica is a great place to live and Jamaicans know how to make you feel at home (i should know i am Jamaican). I would like to continue by saying that it is less costly to build a house than to buy one in Jamaica and there is more flexibility that way too. St. John's Hardware limited wants to make moving to Jamaica and building a house more affordable and therefore we will not only sell you building material and finishes at wholesale prices (if you purchase everything with us) we also provide you with a contractor/builder/mason that you can rely on. For further details call 1876-836-0311 or email:

8/21/2013 14:16 EST

Hello everyone, This is very old forum, but im interested how life goes and how many of you is still in Jamaica & some new recommendations and advices;)
ill be happy to hear from you all.
see you in Ochi soon

9/14/2013 16:26 EST

I would also love to hear from people who have already moved and have some advice and/or experiences to share with us newbies and/or future jamaican residents, thanks!

9/14/2013 16:26 EST

I would also love to hear from people who have already moved and have some advice and/or experiences to share with us newbies and/or future jamaican residents, thanks!

10/27/2013 22:46 EST

I haven't seen any post re you guys who have made the move. Please give us an update as to how you are doing and any advice you think will be helpful to us who have yet to take the plunge. Seen!

10/28/2013 12:24 EST

In January,

10/28/2013 12:24 EST

In January,

10/28/2013 12:40 EST

Shakie, the topic is so broad. Do you have any specific questions?

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