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2/14/2015 14:53 EST

Thinking of retiring In Negril in 2 years. have been vacationing there for 28 years. I realize living there will be much different but have stayed for weeks at a time. At the very least, want to stay for 3 months in the winter when I retire and spend the summer of 2016 there. Trying to get a sense of the true cost of living there. Could I realistically rent a small apartment for $600 to $700 a month in a safe area? I don't care about air conditioning or TV. Will be in Negril in April. Any ideas where to look? Any suggestions, thought, ideas on retiring there? Will be living on about $25,000 yearly in retirement. Is it possible?

2/14/2015 17:30 EST

So your 1st long stay will be summer 2016? You should be able to find a place for that amount, possibly less.

For winter months only, it will probably cost more, unless you like the place you stay in 2016 and negotiate a rate closer to the summer rate, for winter. Being known and liked by your landlord is a plus.

There are LOTS of rental places in Negril, particularly on the west end. Check the grocery stores for postings, check the fences and electric poles for signs, etc. Get a driver for a couple hours to take you up and down the lanes, talk to people. Most housing is not advertised.

"Safe area" IMO cannot be guaranteed. Its really about how the apartment is, how the yard its in is, what the lane its on is like, and the unpredictable variable will always be the people who come or go from the area, who their associates are, if thieves decide to target an area, etc. Regardless of how 'safe' you think an area is or anyone says, you must still be vigilant and exercise care to secure your place and possessions.

You can live well on 25K, half that even for your basic needs. Until you get permanent residency you will be limited to 180 days each calendar year. Even at that it may be cost-effective to get a place for a year.

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5/9/2015 17:42 EST

6-700 monthly for rent is definitely doable in Negril, even on the "West End" and opposite the 7 mile beach strip.
Re, safety, the other answer is pretty accurate, since there is no huge safe communities in Negril, there are more like safe 'pockets' of an area, and just be aware like in any other third world country about your life style and you should be fine. People are warm and Negril folks appreciates the diversity.

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