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1/29/2014 22:55 EST

We are considering retirement in PV and would love to hear from expat that has made the move to area. We are particularly interested in what housing is available in what area(would like to be close to the beach) that is safe. Also would like to know about taxes (income tax specifically) and estimated costs of living. Thanks.

1/30/2014 11:14 EST

Me too! Oct 1....will be watching for responses to your post I hav lived there before so I have some insites. There are Facebook and Expats in Vallarta-is a online site you might check out.

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1/30/2014 11:17 EST

We are currently in the hunt for a place to rent--and that is a scary thing--there are some people I am learning to avoid--and they are the most visable! Craigslist Vallarta has a lot of posts too. Good luck. email me if you want to chat.

1/30/2014 12:06 EST

I retired inPV 12 years ago, and I love every inch of it! I chose to live in the Marina, on the beach. It is an exclusive area, but property is much cheaper than it was in CA, and now is a buyers market! Income tax, your earnings from the bank or financial institutions are taxed automatically, taken out of your proceeds. Mexico does not tax your internatonal income, only the USA does that. Property tax is very cheap~Any questions, I am happy to help answer.

1/30/2014 12:11 EST

My wife and I have been living in PV for 4 months. Love it here. I am not aware that there are any areas in PV that are not safe. We walk all over town and do not feel threatened. We drove our suburban down. Having a vehicle is a real plus. Although the public transit is extensive and low cost. Depending on what type of immigration you intend it may be necessary to license your vehicle here (a real pain in the rear!). Be advised that this time of year there are very few "decent" condos/apartments available. The snowbirds have decimated the inventory. Best time to seek a domicile is April-July when the inventory is at its max. We flew down in July to secure a place. I was concerned about the heat. It is amazing how your body acclimatizes to the heat. Plus there is an almost constant onshore breeze. Find a place on a hill! If you have any specific questions I'll be glad to help.


2/3/2014 08:51 EST

We just bought a condo in Nuevo Vallarta at a very reasonable price. It is gated as is the overall Nuevo area, although I agree we feel safe almost anywhere in PV, near the beach. We used Kim Moore in the PV Marina District as our realtor. She can help with a rental or if you buy. Very honest and from the USA. Has lived here many years. She did an excellent job for us. She also helps you with all the nuances of buying in Mexico. 0443221498563. Costa Alegre Realty.

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5/19/2014 01:19 EST

Hello there. I would love to know why you love living in Puerto Vallarta so much. I am considering buying there. Please tell me what life is like living there. Do you need to know Spanish well to communicate with all the locals also?

5/19/2014 04:05 EST

We are in Nuevo Vallarta, just north of PV. We feel very safe in PV and Nuevo. We're walking distance to Bucerias which has lots of restaurants and quaint shops. The beach in Nuevo is one of the best on Banderas Bay.It is a sand beach and you can walk for miles. Nuevo is gated and the condo is also gated. The entire area is well maintained.

You don't need to speak Spanish. Most people can communicate with you and go out of their way to help you. The Mexicans are very family/friendly oriented. There is a large population of Americans and Canadians in the winter months.

Downtown PV is really fun as well. In general there is allot to do if you like fishing, snorkeling, whale watching, shopping, para-sailing, sailing etc.

The Airport is about 15 minutes from us. They have customs and immigration's streamlined so it doesn't take long.

Medical is good. There is a new Hospital in Nuevo and lots of Urgent Care locations. Their medical services gets high reviews.

Taxi service is reasonable and readily available. Buses are cheap and great in Nuevo. The PV City buses are old and not very nice but they get you where you need to go.

Lots of options for groceries. There are 2 Walmart's, two other similar stores and a Costco.

Banking is easy. We use InterCam. When we had remodeling done our banker received all the bills and made payment for us. She was like having a personal assistant.

Our Realtor is American and was great at guiding us through all the issues.

5/20/2014 21:34 EST

We are also looking to relocate/retire to PV!!! This thread has been immensley helpful! We are looking to be there by May 2015, we just got back a week ago from 12 days looking at property. Thanks for all the good info and the leads to other info! Will be watching the others for all of their relocation info, as well as sharing my own soon!

5/20/2014 22:31 EST

What are you looking for? Condo? house? Do you have a location that you are zooming in on?

5/21/2014 13:16 EST

Rent, rent and rent some more. Be absolutely sure of your chosen community, Mexico in general and if you can take summer beach temperatures. Very expensive to be running air conditioning 24/7 ..... or at all

5/27/2014 21:39 EST

The area to rent or buy depends on what you are looking for. Old Town is very quaint and the architecture can be beautiful. It is walking distance to restaurants and shopping. Many homes and condo's are older. If you are on a hill be aware it can be difficult to walk home from the beach. The beach isn't that long in the area and is often crowded.

The PV Marina is starting to look run down. Allot of shops in the PV Marina District have closed down and it is desolate. The last several times we have been there it was void of tourists. Your investment might not be the best in PV Marina District. People seem to be going to Old Town or Nuevo Vallarta. Likely for the reasons I mentioned before. Again it has the best beach and almost all condo complexes are on the beach. Resteruants and shops are a little further away... mostly in Bucerias. There are a few in Nuevo.

5/27/2014 22:30 EST

We have a beachfront condo in the north end of Nuevo Flamingos and love it. The area is continuing to grow, is gated and safe, and has easy access to medical, grocery, banks, restaurants, both inside Neuvo and 1 mile away in Bucerias. Restaurant food is very good and reasonable. Nuevo beach is the best, flat and good for swimming and some boogyboarding. Nuevo Marina has water ferry to downtown and Rythyms of the Night, plus whale watch. Las Cruces, and Punta de Mita are close and have good restaurants and watersports. Love it all.

5/30/2014 11:22 EST

Does anyone have an opinion on living in the Alta Vista area? We're considering a long-term rental on a condo there and would value any recommendations and tips. Much appreciated!

6/18/2014 20:38 EST

Thanks to all for the info. Well, we went to PV last part of May and fell in love. We will definitely be moving there in 700 days :). We went to every area and decided on the Romantic Zone as the area we will live. As one would expect we have many questions. We are researching healthcare polices, visas etc. A couple of questions maybe someone can help answer are:

1) What do you do for cell service? Costs?
2) We plan to fly down (will be selling cars) and need to know how many bags, boxes can we bring on the plane? Are there limitations of what we can bring (i.e., kitchen knives, small appliances).
3) We have our investments with Fidelity and hope to have our pensions deposited there. Is there a need for a bank account?


12/15/2015 19:18 EST

I am moving there this month and would like to know if you know of any rentals? I am moving from San Diego Ca. I love the area.

12/15/2015 23:09 EST

Tim Longpre has the largest inventory of rentals in town:

All price ranges & types.

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