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8/8/2016 12:15 EST

I thought private health ins. in Mexico was some what reasonable, Cigna Ins. started at about $600.00 US. Am I missing something here??
Please advice.

8/8/2016 14:26 EST

Are you retired in Mexico?
Are you young enough to get insured in Mexico, by a Mexican company? Rates will increase each year. 65-70 years old and you are pretty much out of luck. If a legal resident, you might be satisfied with the public system, Seguro Popular; or maybe not. Lots of variables, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions, which may be exempted, or may disqualify you.
See an agent near your Mexican residence.

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Agave Real Estate San Miguel

At Agave Real Estate San Miguel, our focus is on Providing Advice and guidance for all of your Real Estate needs. We have assembled a great team of Agents who cover every area of San Miguel de Allende Real Estate, from retirement, vacation Homes and ranches, to residential and commercial Investments.


8/8/2016 14:41 EST

Private health insurance in Mexico is not cheap and also i depends on your age.
I would like to know about one that accept us at 70

8/8/2016 14:58 EST

Thank you for responding. I live in the states, by the time we move to lake Chapala I will be 67. I should hang on to Medicare and pay out of pocket while living in Mexico.
Thank you again for responding.

8/8/2016 15:09 EST

I do not know of any Mexican health insurance available for those of us over 70.
The good news is that if you are generally healthy, out of pocket costs for routine health care is quite affordable in Mexico for most retired expats. Even an occasional hospital visit will cost much, much less than in the USA. There is also a socialized medical system, Seguro Popular, in which legal residents may subscribe with little or no cost. Quality varies, but is quite good in the Guadalajara area, for example, though not as posh as the private hospitals, for sure. They are generally better than in the USA.

8/8/2016 22:03 EST

Age 60 here and I purchased a silver plan recently for just under$200 monthly from IMG (a British company).. I sure hope they're a good company.. protexcare.com

Agave Real Estate San Miguel

At Agave Real Estate San Miguel, our focus is on Providing Advice and guidance for all of your Real Estate needs. We have assembled a great team of Agents who cover every area of San Miguel de Allende Real Estate, from retirement, vacation Homes and ranches, to residential and commercial Investments.


Agave Real Estate San Miguel

At Agave Real Estate San Miguel, our focus is on Providing Advice and guidance for all of your Real Estate needs. We have assembled a great team of Agents who cover every area of San Miguel de Allende Real Estate, from retirement, vacation Homes and ranches, to residential and commercial Investments.


8/8/2016 23:03 EST

I am 79 years of age. I do need a full coverage because in Canada the health care system is social and when one becomes a non resident one can not use the health care system. To reinstate one has to come into the Canada , make an applications and wait three months before they even look at any one.
So, I am now feeling the need to get a health insurance resolved before I do any kinds of paper work.
I need to get some real information on how to go about to get insurance that will cover me for all things for a reasonable fees and with non deductibles, and to cover on the spot not being reimbursed for the cost. So, I, think it is important to get the real facts on the health care side. I thought in Mexico the health care was real low cost. Now, I am hearing even 200 per month, that a lot in Mexico.
And as I am turning into my 80th, year in October I do not know if they even consider me. My husband is Mexican. He is a dual citizen, but he is 73, yrs. of age, I believe that he should be able to get Mexican insurance , which I think some quotes were on it like
400 dollar a year, not a months.
It would be great if some one knows something about my concerns and writes about it. I will be keeping a watch on the site.
Good luck with your move to Mexico.

8/9/2016 08:35 EST

Agree with all but when cancer strikes and to outpocket for treatments without insurance such as 30,000 dollars just for radiation plus the rest. Up to that point, I thought that it was espcially not consult a dr for 200 pesos or even free if using those doctors attached to pharmacies. When special treatment is needed and no ability to go back to the states, this is when I feel I made a huge mistake.
Most of expats are healthy and may be only a small grouo will have to face sickness.

8/9/2016 08:42 EST

In 2006 I was in Ajjijic and someone advised me to hang on sith Medicare. i laughed.
Today having only Medicare A, which is nothing so We cannot go back to the States for medical help. Consulting a dr on regular basis costs 200 pesos or i find some very good ones free attached to the large pharmacies. But when cancer strikes in the family, the expensitues climb very quickly such as just for radiation with an expense of 30,000 US $ to most of the time have to pay cash. Plus expenses for all what it takes when having cancer. I speak for the area where I liver in Quintana Roo. It Mexico it is impossible to ask your bank for a loan.
Yes it is a beautiful country, but my mistake was that I never minded what was the most important - health.
That is just my opinion. Life is not cheap here and anyone should think twice before making the big move.

8/9/2016 08:44 EST

John ps.
Nice to know your plan. I will check if at 70 it can still apply for me

8/9/2016 08:49 EST

Anita Maria, Mexico is a veautiful country but I feel you should stay in Canada, because you have your health care plan. At your ages, here and everwhere else in the world, an insurance plan might not be available.
I know it is sad. I just say what I am going through myself with my husband.
I have a Canadian friend who comes five months here. She just asked me to look at prices for the injection for macular degeneration where she can receive for free in Canada. Here the price per injection for a certain medication is more expensive than in Canada. So before making a move, I would suggest to do your home work, and put aside for a little while all dreams or thinking with our retirement we cannot make it better in Mexico.
I do not find Mexico cheap at all.

Agave Real Estate San Miguel

At Agave Real Estate San Miguel, our focus is on Providing Advice and guidance for all of your Real Estate needs. We have assembled a great team of Agents who cover every area of San Miguel de Allende Real Estate, from retirement, vacation Homes and ranches, to residential and commercial Investments.


Agave Real Estate San Miguel

At Agave Real Estate San Miguel, our focus is on Providing Advice and guidance for all of your Real Estate needs. We have assembled a great team of Agents who cover every area of San Miguel de Allende Real Estate, from retirement, vacation Homes and ranches, to residential and commercial Investments.


8/9/2016 11:36 EST

I don't understand, why did you make a huge mistake...because you made the move oversees? or because you were under insured?

8/9/2016 13:21 EST

I must agree. Anitamaria and her husband will not find commercial health insurance at any price in Mexico, due to age and pre-existing condition exclusions. Their only option would be Seguro Popular, at little or no cost, but it is socialized medicine and the quality is extremely variable from one place to another. Long waits are involved.
By the way: In Mexico the insurance plans do not cover routine doctor visits or medications, in most cases. They are more like catastrophic coverage with a choice of deductibles. Once a medical incident is treated and covered, follow-up visits and medications, as well as further treatment, is often covered without further cost. Those young enough to get insured, should investigate the options carefully, among many plans, with their local agent in Mexico. Some of the major private hospitals have insurance office locations on site, and major cities will have home offices of several companies & agents.

8/9/2016 13:24 EST

Yes, Lauria, Mexico is not cheep.
Moreover when we are becoming a non resident, we still are taxed yearly on all our income of Canada at the rate of 25 %. And must file tax return on time, that is due before Febr. 25, each year at the hands of the Feds in Canada. If we do not then they stop paying our Old Age Security pensions. Which is not much, it is only 600 dollar per months. They really do the workers in for their old age. We have no exemptions because we are non residents, so as little as the money is OAS, is lesser by the tax on it, of 25%. And it extend to all other pensions and income, what so ever. But, in Canada one will not live long due the weather conditions and due to the isolation's, and lack of health care for the aged. Canada's health care system now is consisting, of a care with Euthanasia, with a poisoned drugged needle. One is not safe in Canada, when one has to go to the hospital. All the people are dreaded to go into the hospital, What they do if one is in a retiring home that is subsidized they send the sick to the hospital and most of the time they never return to the retiring home. Canada does not build retiring homes, they use the process of medical conditions to make place for the next one, who is on the street, due to that the 600.dollar per montsh old age pensions does not pay a bed in the home. It cost in Canada, for one bed on the ward in retiring homes, $1,700.00 dollar months. And the one bedroom shared living with others is $5 000.00 per months after taxes. So, Canada is not as great also as one think. I know all the dirty works in here, because I have seen 20 yrs.ago, when my late husband got struck with cancer and heart. I know what they do. It is criminal and disgusting. But, they have to save money. And the doctors run from us because they do are the shame of what is going on in the hospitals. So, beware of what one decides. When the time comes in Canada to have some help for health it is just postponed for the one in need, in a hope of the system to that person give up or dye. Many things I know that is it criminal and degrading and against God's laws for humanity. No wonder there are so many people who are desperate for health but does not reach out for it.
One must be careful that the system does not take advantage of one, by studying new drugs, because the animal rights now they do not let the animals to be used for testing drugs. So, Canada is not good either.

8/9/2016 14:06 EST

Wow! No system is perfect, but Canada does have one that is respected, even though many Canadians do grumble about the waiting in a system that must triage.
Of course, a lot of folks in the USA would love too have a more economical system, like Canada‘s.
Now, I am certain that it would be a mistake for Anitamaria and her husband to move to Mexico, where they would have to use the new socialized medical system, Seguro Popular, where treatment may also be somewhat prioritized, with age and prognosis taken into consideration, and a broken hip will be repaired, but the patient may have to buy the metal parts. Of course, The ability to speak Spanish and the need to have a responsible person along at the hospital, are also things to consider.

8/9/2016 14:07 EST

Becoming a non Canadian resident
You pay every year 15% income taxes from special treaty between Canada and Mexico and many other countries and not 25% and you only pay to Federal from your pensions earning.
In Canada each year healthcare is not free, part of your income taxes pays for it,
Federal income taxe on revenue up to about $35000.00 is 15% and depending your province of elected residence an other %
In Québec it is 16% on the first, I believe $35000.00
Ontario I believe is 5 or 6 %, varies from province to province
So even if you have to purchase private insurance you are still ok.
to become a non Canadian resident you must follow the rules at the Canada gouv.ca

8/9/2016 21:04 EST

Anita aria
What you are writing is very heavy and I believe you.
For US citizens it is al ost worst becsuse we have no insurance and yes we pay our taxes even outside of the US most of our lives.
In a way you and me we speak same language.
My husband has advanced cancer and the bills here in Meixo are very high and there is not chance to obtain a loan or even hyptotech our Mexican house. I know that my life situation will not help you but may be better a little insurance like in Canada that none here.
Today .i look at my life and the mistake to come here. But may be if you have family in Mexico, they can advise you well and help you.
Let me know how you are doing and what you have decided.
My Canadian freind goes back part of the year to Canada and might not be able to come back since the cost of injection here for machlar degenration is more expensive than in Canada. We speak here 20.000 pesos per injection per month, so you can i amagine what cost cancer treatments, radiations.. It goes by the 30.000 US dollars for one treatment.
Being on a budget if you were, or talking ablut my budget. Today .i wish .i had the choice to stay up north or come here.
Take care dear
Hope you well

8/9/2016 21:17 EST

Hello. The mistake.
Having lived and worked around the world, always having goof health insurance.
I came in mx trusting. May be too much ablut being healthy and not thinking of ten years down the road. I had an insurance with IMSS and one day they removed it from me stating I had not rights to have it. All the find I had put in Infoavit and Imss, has disappeared. Their excuse. I am onwer of a corporation that in fact is my house. I had a choice of fedeicomiso or corporation to get a little lo on the water.
I just think to come here and thinking that medical care will be cheap is okay because, I am hoping, you are healthy.
I have had a lot of disappointments. In every
Project I started,
Best regards

8/9/2016 21:21 EST

You are right rvgringo

8/9/2016 23:42 EST

Hello and learn from me. I am speaking the through t and of experience. Here the government have a right to say how long can you stay on your own. As soon as one in the marriage is ill and both old, the government have the right to appoint their own worker to make decisions for ones where about being. The doctors make the recommendations to social services of that one in the marriage is ill, another one have some physical disability or just being frail, and they come and take the ill spouse away to a old age home. And with that they take his income with him. And moreover if there is a house, they put the lean on the house and then recommend the other spouse to be placed in a home also . More so then not they will be placed on different institutions. The government sell the house and pay the old age place from that money until it last.
It is $5000 dollar per months, it is after tax. so, the house money probably will last 5 yrs. Then the government by then hoping that the person pass away, but if not, they have to move the person out of the high paid units, and being not having room in the cheaper or partly subsidized place by the governments they keep the person in the hospital. As soon as some one there gets ill, sure as anything there is a death of that person. No questions can be asked why the person died, they just say, they contacted some kinds of virus and that took them. They gave absolutely no treatment for an aged. They give no hope, they pull out the needle to fill it with poison for death of the already degraded and dehumanize and democratized person. They are cruel and heartless, the whole system is totally against the human being. They care nothing, they know it is wrong but they keep on carrying out the ways and cause great harm and death to all of us individuals. Not many know what I know. I tell the people this but they think it is unthinkable. But, when they got burned they come to me and witness to me the through my self. Those who have spent their life together they cut them apart and bring on their death by a broken heart. The government is evil. Health care is a "HELL" care.
It is a plastic concept, that does not stand the times of trials. And if we need something we dont get it. We have to wait like in Mexico more here. One can wait in here 18-to 24 months for to fix the knees. And what happens then? In the hospital they let it infected and the person die of the infections. Here in out hospitals the nurses being threatened, they now are asking to carry some kind of spray and cameras on them self. Patients are so angry that for they have to wait hours in their beds to get served. They are attaching the nurses.
The hospitals hire nurses with no license. Low class trained nurses.
They dont know the thing and they dont take care of the patient. They spot nothing. Even if they do, they dont say nothing. And medications.
We have to pay the first one hundred deductible, and we dont get all the medications, if we do it will be the bad ones for you.
Also, we pay on the Income Tax
on the end of the year, according to ones income.
When one is old, they looking how they can retard the persons health care. Also , they are meditating on the work of Satan to convince the elderly that they are fed up with life and let go of it. In the old age homes they got beat up by some nurses, or by some other elderly who are on the rampage. They are unsupervised and they go around at night and do harm to the other ones. People are barred in their beds so that they not need attentions at night, because there is only one nurse on the nights shifts for 25 or more rooms. They try to clime out of the bed to go to washroom they fell and broke their arms, legs, highs, and noses, and teeth. So, you think Canadian health care is good? I just give you a truth. Let me ask you, what benefit it would bring me to say all this things if it was not the truth.
People, dont want to go to the doctors, because they know what they gonna do them. One can not put a feet into the hospital with out fear that one might never come out.
So, help me God, that what I state here is the through about the Canadian Health care system. Why should we let the government take our lifes, it belongs to God.
The laws are very strict in here. If one have no one who could be taking responsibility for the elder the doctor is obligated to report it to social services. Social services step in take the house , separate the couple, and give a miserable life to the person. For a lots of money. The institutions are the beneficiaries of the elder peoples hard earned moneys. To in prisons the elderly and to tie them into a wheel chair, to let it being worst then a dog , and to make big money on the back of those who worked all their life. It is a God forsaken, wicked land. They left God , where there is Godlessness, there is gutlessness. So, did you get it.? Any one who can keep the freedom and being able to take a breath of fresh air is a head of the game. Canada have the old English law is to warehouse people. It is degrading, dehumanizing, and against all that of God. It is immoral .

8/10/2016 13:35 EST

Well, that was quite a rant on a bit more than we expected on the topic of Health Insurance. Perhaps Canada‘s socialized system also offers psychiatric service to those who need it; hopefully on an emergency basis. It would not be available in Mexico, so please stay where you are, Anitamaria. Please seek help to regain some tranquility in your life.

8/10/2016 13:48 EST

So, am I to believe that I cannot get quality healthcare in Mexico at $200.00 a month.
I think its important for International Living to point that out, or at least do articles about it...Don't you??

8/10/2016 14:22 EST

Oh, dear Anita Maria, that is so sad to read.
I am so sorry.
Of course, on the outside, one can always think the grass is greener elsewhere.
I am 70 with a sick husband and also feel very alone.
I hope the best for you.
Keep in touch touch.

8/10/2016 17:23 EST

“Quality health care for $200 per month“, rkleiger said.

Well, yes, if you are pretty healthy and don‘t have to buy many medications. A visit to a GP will run as much as $300MN, and for a specialist it will double; perhaps even more. Hospital prices vary, but start at about $2500-$3000MN per day for the room, meals and medical nursing. Surgery and MDs are extra, and you will need to bring your own friend or relative to help with practical care at any hospital.
Now, if you are thinking about insurance, USA style. You will need to adjust your thinking in Mexico, where it is generally just hospitalization insurance with a variable deductible and some follow-up included. If you are very young, you can buy such policies at quite a range of prices and coverage options; too many to discuss here. You would have to sit down with an agent in Mexico and go over your needs and the available options. If you are 65-70, you are probably out of luck for insurance. Asi es la vida......

8/10/2016 22:18 EST

Hello. It would be nice to know how you manage your Mexican life. Exactly tell how you are handling health issues or even if not an issue. Like insurances.
Please tell us something of your age. I know you have said that you are old. What is old to you? I can say this much good air quality and temperate climate with good rest and with fresh food and with out addictions, like, cigarette, drugs, alcohol one can feel great even in an older age. More so tell about are you planning to return to the country you left for Mexico or you are just going to weather it out.
More so, when you away from your land you are not with it. One must be with it and feel it in daily life.
Do you feel pressure in your daily life in Mexico over your state of health? Are you just the one who goes for six months?
By the way I am not depressed. I am concerned and have no desire to be in the home for the aged with the way things are in Canada. About health care, I already told you about it, When one is on supplemented bed and give lots of problems by challenging the poor care things happen to them fast. Also, they do give 2 pills to cross each others. Why you think no one wants to go into the homes. Like I said, some are forced by the doctors others give up the fight to fend for them self in those snowy, storms and 30-40 bellow zero, Moreover, if one fall and break the hip , it is most certain that they will die of that. It has been declared by the medical practitioners, They do not know why it is, it is something that infections sets in. I know a lady who had the operations to hip done, in march and then they sent her home from the hospital and the nurse came to the house, to see how she is. She told the nurse of the pain, and the nurse said that was nothing wrong. Her daughter came from out of town and took her to the hospital, where they said, it was to late for her the infections was set in they can not clear it up.
She died, with in 3 weeks after the operations. And may I tell you, that I am , borne Hungarian, I speak
my language, English , and Portuguese, and Spanish. Please continue to write it is nice to know more of how to get prepared for Mexico. Looking forward to your messages.

8/10/2016 22:32 EST

I simple gave you an information on Canadian ways of life. You judged me for that. What I said it is the truth.
I spelled out the reasons that why I am looking forward to leave this country. I live here. I know what is going on I analyze and talk to people. You are not here yet you are grounding me to this land more so you suggesting that I have a mental problem. I do not now, but I think it would develop in the short time when I be subjected to what others are now suffering from. You got it? You need to live in the situations or know ones who does before we can draw an opinion.
Old Age in Canada is not a nice experience. Elders have no care. They giving pills for anything. We are not taking any. Have not seen doctor in four years. Do not trust them. We are free of drugs, alcohol, and we never smoked.
We pray a lot. We love God and His Son, Jesus, and ask God to help us to assume our problems and give us the know h ow , and we ask all this in Jesus name.

8/10/2016 22:48 EST

My daughter live in California. I live in Canada. We must have 500 thousand dollar for each of us before she could get us the permanent residency. Also, she said, mom the health insurance Medicare is to much here. I asked her how much? She said, her mother in law pays 150 dollar per months. That is why I read your message and hearing 200 doll. perm months, it is some what a good price already I though in Mexico. I think all the insurers are Global and they got together to charge the same price. I think prices for health care are fixed for all through out t he world. I hope that you can get some clear picture of what you will be getting for 200 doll. I guess is also age related. Insurance companies wants to insure healthy people. That is how they got to keep their money by not spending it. But, doctors got much less pay in Mexico then in the USA. Canada I will not quote on it. Doctors have to fight for increase. They just got a new contract for four years. So, the dust settled down a bit more now. Wishing you well in you adventure. Be wise.

8/10/2016 22:56 EST

Hello dear one. It is very difficult with a sick person no matter where you are. Even when there is a family they help some but they have their overburdened life to cope with.
It is very draining to be a full time caregiver.
In Jesus name I ask for that your burden be lifted to God the Father, by Jesus. I feel you will gain strength. We are helpless our self.
Success is God's. He want us to succeed He will do it for us. Ask and you will receive. Put the music into your heart for God for your needs. I believe in Mexico one be able to pay a help for some hours.

8/10/2016 22:57 EST

I was on a group plan in California that cost almost $800 per month - and I was in my fifties. To hear someone balk at $200 per month just makes no sense too me.

8/10/2016 22:57 EST

I was on a group plan in California that cost almost $800 per month - and I was in my fifties. To hear someone balk at $200 per month just makes no sense too me.

8/10/2016 23:03 EST

But then paying $800 per month certainly makes no sense too me either.

(Sorry for the double post. The system is slow tonight, and it's difficult to tell when it's posted.)

8/10/2016 23:10 EST

Hello. What was your income to be able to pay 800 doll. per months.
My daughter lives in California.
She said to me her mother in law
pays 150 per months.She is 76 yrs. old.

8/11/2016 08:48 EST

$150 is most likely Medicare Part B, which partially covers doctor visits and other small items. Medicare Part A covers major medical, but it is paid during your working years. 1.45% of your income is withheld and your employer pays another 1.45%. A total of 2.9% of your earnings is paid for Part A before you turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare..

8/11/2016 09:11 EST

In Pennsylvania Medicare Part B is $121.00. most likely it will go up in 2017.
Why are we talking about Medicare, it doesn't cross borders.

8/11/2016 11:29 EST

even if you have certain north American or Mexican health insurance plans, you may not be aware that upon entering a hospital with some sort of fatal condition, like having a stroke or heart attack, you will have to pay upfront before gaining entrance, and will then, hopefully be re-embursed! make sure you ask the company beforehand and get a straight answer out of them, which is backed up on a written contract. Good luck with that!! I know a lot of upper middle classed professionals who wouldn't trust the Mexican governmental social security hospitals for all the tea in china, not meaning to sound like an elitist snob or anything. make sure that you have quite a bit saved up to cover you for an emergency if you don't get an insurance company that offers you immediate entrance into a quality hospital upon some sort of tragic event. God help you if you don't!! I apologize for being brutally frank!!

8/11/2016 11:56 EST

I note that you were not born in the US, are you a naturalized American citizen?
If not and you move to CA with your daughter, you would not be eligible for medicare.

8/11/2016 11:56 EST

Thank you for that!

8/11/2016 12:14 EST

Rodrigo you Are right.
Wether or not with an health insurance.
The deposit to receive care can be very high in mx by the 10 th of thousands of US$, for an important medical issue, and often the receiver want pure cash and hard to get a receipt for it

8/11/2016 13:29 EST

Another detail:
When you are over 70 (I am 78, by the way), Medical insurance coverage in Mexico will not be available to you at any price.
When it is time to be discharged from a hospital, the bill must be paid in full, or you are held there until you pay. Yes, you will have already paid an estimated amount before admission. In an emergency, they will take you in and stabilize you, but that is all. You must pay in advance for admission; in full before discharge. They can confiscate your car, furniture, home, etc., if you do not pay. Then, comes the legal action and probably deportation.
Besides, you need to meet financial conditions to get a residence visa for Mexico. So, this may be the end of this discussion.

8/11/2016 13:37 EST

It sure is. II was born in the US.
I'm staying in the states.

8/11/2016 14:02 EST

You make sense. Absolutely

8/11/2016 19:51 EST

Thank you for your straight forward letter. When the time comes I will remember your words and act on it. For insurance
I will even have it checked out with some legal person who is knowledgeable with such words.
We are waiting on God's grace to promote the day for us to be able to go to Mexico. I have already told you so why. No one knows the future no one can make the future one can just make plans towards the future. Will it be or not be ? Who knows other then God.
If ones future be open then one would not have to look towards it because it would have it. Then it would not be the future it would be the now, the presence.
Thank you for writing again. May you prosper in your dreams with blessings.

10/17/2016 08:41 EST

Quite surprised to hear a Canadian talking about our Health ins.But it is not truly health ins.It is OHIP --Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan.
+I think it is the best in the World.

10/17/2016 11:19 EST

Segue popular is merging with IMMS. Since 2014, no preconditions for either one. The hospitals have merged but not all the medical. I always get contradictions when I say this but IMMS wants to drop it' , and SP was created to eventually take over the medical division in a couple years. Mexico can not have two systems due to price. I go to drs here that are aligned with sp or just independent as cost is low and care is good. I do not do the independent hospitals as I have Medicare in USA and SP. here. The Drs coming out of the universities now go top SP because they get their education paid by Mexico, have available internship, but still can have a private practice. if you are a temporary or permanent visa, you can join SP and if you are over 60, it is free. I broke my back and SP was excellent. But differences in regions like in the states can account for better or worse service. I was in GDL so my SP hospitalization was very very good. SP in Chiapas is strained due to many small villages so far away.

10/17/2016 11:32 EST

I have Segure Popular and broke my back near GDL. Service was excellent and free as I have RT Visa and am over 69. I went back to USA for operation with Medicare at SP recommendation and am back in Mexico for PT. SP is intended to replace IMSS hospitals and they are merged now. Do not knock SP, it started off small, now all new Drs go through them, IMSS hospital updated by them. If you live in Mexico, you should have SP and your home country medical. It is very easy to obtain SP and it is free if over 60. It is more a problem of region problems than service like in the states.

10/17/2016 13:22 EST

That quote is probably for a young person with no prior conditions and a very high deductible, etc.
There are many variables; the first one being age.

10/18/2016 00:37 EST

Mergering of the IMSS and Seguro Popular is not happening and there is no talk of it happening, Just rumors. They have just started sharing treatments and bill eachother in áreas where duplicate treatments and diagnosis is not available and will not duplicate these sevices in the future to save money. It is cáncer treatment, knee replacement, vascular surgery, open heart surgery, organ transplates, brain surgery etc. Not everyday treatments available by both IMSS and Seguro Popular in almost all urban áreas. People from rural áreas go to their closest urban center for diaganosis and treatment. IMSS has now about 58,000,000 members and Seguro Popular about 59,000,000 members. They will be seperate and are both different in many regards.

10/26/2016 16:20 EST

Well I am 71 will b e 72 while in mexico this winter.I do have a few minor pre existing conditions --none life threating

10/26/2016 16:22 EST

Pricing I have got so far are over 1000.00 for just 4 months

10/26/2016 16:38 EST

As a Visitor can I apply to segion Popular Ins?? No intension to Purchase too many other p-lacesto go before its too late

10/26/2016 19:07 EST

Seguro Popular coverage is only available to legal residents with visas, or to citizens of Mexico. Tourists with visitors permits cannot apply, but might be treated in a true emergency; although a tourist would probably be transported to a private hospital by a Cruz Roja ambulance. If you feel the need, you might investigate medical travel insurance for your time outside of your home country.

10/27/2016 07:24 EST

Thank You Rv I was surprised to read that yesterday.

10/27/2016 08:02 EST

Can a Visitor apply for an IMSS insurance .I understand I could not get the Segero Insurance being a visiitor

10/27/2016 08:06 EST

Do you know about the IMSS can a visitor apply for that insurance.???

10/27/2016 08:08 EST

First I am 71 --will be 72 while in Mexico yes a few preexisting conditions (none deadly ).Since I can apply for the sergeo ins. can I apply for the Other one IMSS

10/27/2016 08:48 EST

I was just reading about ISS insurance and it states that VISITORS can apply for that insurance.Does anyone know if that is right.?

10/27/2016 08:51 EST

What is SP? and can a v isitor to mexico over 60 apply for IMSS

10/27/2016 09:46 EST

Based on my experience, if you (or at least one member of a couple) is younger (less than 67? not positive) you can buy health insurance in Mexico at rates that are much less than US prices -- and get much better care. Seriously. Because you can just go and get care for yourself and be reimbursed -- without this whole "gatekeeper" business (games that insurance companies play) that goes on in the States.

While Mexico graciously allows residents of Mexico (who may be coming from any country) to have access to IMSS and Seguro Popular, these are not systems that anyone visiting should rely on -- either ethically or as a practical matter.

Many, many older expats "self insure" while in Mexico. The cost of medical care can be a tiny fractions (like maybe 10%) of what the same service costs north of the border. If you have something serious come up -- fly home and use Medicare.

And a personal viewpoint about flying back: I think these policies for "air evacuation" are schemes which can be used in only very, very, very rare instances. You have to be sick enough not to be able to fly on a commercial flight, but not so sick that you aren't better off getting immediate treatment right away in Mexico. The "stars have to align" just right.

Advice: if you're visiting part time or over 67 coming into Mexico, presume you will "self insure". FYI: A visit to a top specialist in a city like Guadalajara typically runs 600 pesos (roughly $30US). A visit to a general practitioner or internist in Ajijic runs about half of that. And you can go into any pharmacy in Mexico and buy any medication -- other than an anti-biotic or controlled substance (like a narcotic) -- and buy it without a prescription. And based on personal experience: the cost of that pharmaceutical may be as low as just 10% of what that same drug costs in the States, if you buy it with a prescription but without insurance coverage there.


10/27/2016 12:33 EST

Please give it up. As a tourist, you are not eligible for those things that are available to legal residents.
Either do without, buy travel insurance, or stay in Canada with your free medical care.
Would you like Canada to provide free medical care or cheap insurance to all visitors?
Routine medical care in Mexico is very affordable.

10/27/2016 13:06 EST

That's right, Health Ins. isn't cheap...get over it and move on!

10/27/2016 16:48 EST

In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement. Just sayin...

10/27/2016 18:16 EST

Your troll definition is superb! But around here, they live under bridges.....hah!

10/28/2016 07:36 EST

Your comment lost me .MY TROLL????

10/28/2016 07:45 EST

I am sorry you feel that way ,did not mean to cause any problems.I am just looking for comments about TRAVEL INSURANCE,

10/28/2016 11:18 EST

I apologize for the confusion... my comment was not directed to, about or with regard to you. There are a few, fortunately very few, who post here who are rude, mean natured and, in general, a waste of perfectly good air. There are no stupid questions; some of the answers, on the other hand, are beyond the pale.

10/28/2016 14:37 EST

Well said, HardDazeKnight! Made me laugh out loud. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel safe before making big commitments.....or asking for help.

10/28/2016 15:32 EST

I just helped a resident who just moved to Playa del Carmen apply and obtain IMSS social security. I learned a lot and would be happy to share translations of the documents needed, coverage and restrictions information for 2016 on an e mail because its too much to post here,but a few important details regarding this conversation are the following:
A Foreign citizen, with a temporary or permanent resident status, can obtain Voluntary Health Insurance in the National Institute of Social Security , under the Modality #33
The cost of yearly insurance for a 50 year old is 4250 pesos and it increases per decade, People 80 and older pay 6 500. While the medical care provided by the Social Security system in Mexico has a long way to go Improving several aspects of it. For some retired expats it is a good option if they are on a very limited budget.

10/28/2016 16:36 EST

A tourist is not eligible IMSS insurance if you are a permanent or temporal resident in Mexico you are eligible under Seguro Familiar voluntario modalidad 30 =)

11/3/2016 08:09 EST

THANK YOU FOR CLEARING THAT UP. I wonder if you know of something else? I am a newby going to Mexico I was reading that there is a lot of paper work involved in getting a T I P for the car.and photo copies are to be included.I cannot find that ino now .I know 3 copies of passport licence ownership pictures of my self etc.So question is do you know where I can find that page again?

11/3/2016 08:15 EST

THANK YOU --good advise .Do you know of a good insurance company in Mexico I can contact for a quote??

11/3/2016 08:17 EST

Thank you good advise .Do you know of a good company I can contact for a quote?

11/3/2016 14:24 EST

When you cross the border into Mexico, you will see signs to the places for immigration and banjercito. If you are unprepared with copies of your various documents, there will be copy machines or booths handy to those locations. Relax; it is easy and people are helpful. You are not the first newbie to enter Mexico. Many crossings have changed over the years and some of us have not crossed in years; so, trying to tell you exactly where each facility is located might be fruitless. Just ask, if you do not see a sign.

11/4/2016 07:31 EST

Thank you very much --As usual your very helpful

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