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Retire in Lisbon or Cascais?

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10/8/2014 13:36 EST

They say you can find anything on the Internet, but I’m having trouble finding comments on this question: Should my girlfriend and I retire (from the US) in Lisbon or in Cascais? We're in Chicago now and like the big city, don’t play golf, are active but not beach goers, and will have a monthly budget for two of about 5000 euros. I would assume that Lisbon would hold more appeal for urbanites, but frankly people writing about Cascais seem so extraordinarily happy that it’s hard for me to discount that smaller area. We’re coming there for six weeks to explore in January, but wonder about any advance thoughts on this question. Thanks so much.

10/9/2014 07:09 EST

The wonderful thing about your dilemma is that you have to visit both places to decide. My husband and I are also from Chicago, tho we moved here directly from Milwaukee. We are urban people, too, and chose Cascais for right now because we want the beach and ocean. We take the train directly from Cascais into Lisbon (30-40 mins each way) almost weekly, just for lunch or the day; to meet friends or go to a museum; to get into a busier scene. We walk our our door in Cascais, within minutes we're at a cafe, restaurant, museum; we have no car, using buses or renting a car for longer trips. Groceries can be delivered right to our kitchen, so we shop and have them delivered later in the day. But honestly, it's like saying 'should I live in Lincoln Park or the Loop'...you just have to spend time in each place to decide. Recommend you spend a few weeks in each locale. I have a great connection for short term apartments in Lisbon and in Cascais if I can help you with where to stay, as I really want you to get an authentic experience. We'll be here to help!

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10/9/2014 07:19 EST

Thank you so much. That's great input. I've seen your name all over this site and was tempted to seek you out with my questions, so extra thanks for your reply. I like your assessment. And, coincidentally, I was hoping to secure short-term housing in both cities today, so your timing is perfect. Yes, please send the connections. We'll probably be about four weeks in Lisbon beginning 1/16/15 and about two weeks in Cascais ending 3/1/15. And it's good to know about not needing a car in Cascais and the option for grocery delivery. Thanks for being so helpful. By the way, we would rent for the first year anyway, so is 5K euros monthly adequate for a comfortable condo rental, occasional forays into Lisbon, restaurants/cafes, health insurance and grocery delivery? Thanks so very much. Many of your responses have been quite helpful.

10/9/2014 10:11 EST

If you need to find a chandler go to the FBI web site and look under stats and services.

10/9/2014 10:23 EST

Thanks, ProfBren. I didn't even know what that was so now I'm informed and aware. Thanks again.

10/9/2014 15:02 EST

Hi geomiller,

I have lived in Portugal now for 30 years, both in Lisbon and Cascais, and on the "line" in between.

I am quite happy now having settled in Cascais, it's urban enough and quiet if you so choose.

I also have an apartment for rent or for sale with a sea view.

If you need any information let me know.


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10/9/2014 15:19 EST

Thanks Sylvia. Yes, I'd like information about your rental - I'm in the selection process right now. I suspect the final dates in Cascais will be February 16 and checking out early on March 1. Thanks.

8/28/2016 12:29 EST

My wife and I plan to explore Portugal for possible retirement. I would love your help to find apts for short terms. What other areas/cities you would recommend. I speak fluent Portuguese I ma from Brazil and I live in the US where my wife is from. Please advise. Obrigado

8/28/2016 21:59 EST

Hello Geo,

Here are the links we are using to search for rentals.


We originally thought of Lisbon and Cascais, but in looking at available rentals and the size of Lisbon, we have decided to start in Coimbra.

We will not have a vehicle and need public transportation and a city not too small but not too large either. Coimbra is a University city and is approx. 160,00 people, It has trains that connect from Lisbon, Porto and other cities and also has a good bus system. They have 3 malls and a sports stadium. And it is on a lovely river.

It is only an hour and a half from Lisbon on the high speed Alpha Pendular Train. So it will be easy to go for the day to sight see or shop or concerts, or catch a cruise ship!

The sea is 50 minutes by train from Coimbra and the town is called Figueira da Foz. I see they have rentals there also.

As far as I can tell, short term in Lisbon, if you don't want a hotel, will be most likely Airbnb.

The prices for rentals from the links I attached are dramatic from Lisbon/Cascais and Coimbra. But searching them will give you a good idea what things look like.

Good Luck and Have fun!

8/28/2016 23:05 EST

Has anyone used this online rental service?


8/29/2016 00:03 EST

To Xabay:

Please research also on review, problems, scams etc on any of these sites rental sites. I have read where some of them don't give you any recourse if you pay and then something is not correct or it is already rented when you get there.

I am not saying that this one is good or bad, Just be careful.

8/29/2016 11:24 EST

Geomiller, you might want to read this thread:


8/29/2016 13:31 EST

Present Monkey, thanks for your thoughts. One reason I posted my question about the longtermlettings site here was to do some due diligence, and find out whether anyone has used the site and what their experiences were.

Specifically, the site contains what appear to be reasonably priced rentals, which in many cases look significantly cheaper than rentals I have found on other websites whose links have been posted here. I am trying to determine if the prices or the service are "too good to be true." I already searched the web for an answer and came up dry. I was hoping someone here could give a thumbs up or down.

8/29/2016 15:59 EST

Hi OldPro,
Sent you a PM

8/29/2016 19:07 EST

Xabay I am curious about the longtermlettings site as well as they appear to rent places that take pets. Let me know how your dealings with them go. Thanks, Terri

9/1/2016 18:23 EST

I'm also looking for a place that will allow two small dogs. They're doxies and can't do stairs because of their backs so I'm looking for something that's wheelchair accessible and close enough to walk to the beach. I'd be happy with a small house or apt and only need two bedrooms, although I'm sure if I go for a house it will have at least 3. One would need to be on the ground floor. I've been looking around with no luck so far, so if anyone comes across anything, PLEASE pm me! I think I'd like to be in Cascais or possibly Estoril, but Lisbon with a water view would be acceptable too.

Thanks for your help!!!

9/2/2016 03:40 EST

Hi..what is your budget ? If i find something.....you can send a p.m. if you prefer.

9/2/2016 05:56 EST

Consider Ericeira, a village not far from both Lisbon and Cascais!
Broad range of accommodation, lovely village centre, bars, restaurants, many amenities.
PM if you would like more info or to meet up.

9/10/2016 10:12 EST


You mentioned you had an apartment in Cascais. Is it available for a weekly rental. We will be there in January of 2017.
Thank you .

11/1/2016 10:39 EST

Hi Sylvia, I am a single adult american woman wanting to rent a flat/apt in Cascais Dec 2016-March 2017. Size, steps(no lift) are not as important as location and windows and /or balcony and self catering. Any information or contacts is appreciated! I am ready to commit asap!

11/1/2016 14:29 EST

Hi Deborah,
I personally don't have anything for rent right now. What is your budget ? I could see what's on the market for you and send you some links.
You can p.m. me if you prefer.
Best regards,

12/15/2016 12:47 EST

NO real reason to have a place lined up in advance. Good chance of being scammed. Once you land you can look around and decide then, you won't die staying it a pousada for a week while you look around. PLUS you will probably get a lot better deal in person !

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