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Visiting Esteli, Nicaragua in April 2015

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12/31/2014 21:58 EST

Hello everyone who is interested in the following request:

I am planning to visit Nicaragua sometime in April 2015 for a month and perhaps more to explore the opportunities to retire there and specifically in Esteli. I would like to establish contact with interested individuals whether males or females to address some of their guidance and advice prior to my visit. Of course, I would be looking forward to meeting with everyone who was kind enough to contact me.

Best Regards and Happy New and Prosperous New Year to ALL.

Vassil Yanco

1/1/2015 10:45 EST

There is a facebook page which I think is called expats in Matagalpa, Esteli and Jinotega. You should be able to connect there and get to know the day to day goings on.

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1/4/2015 01:08 EST

Happy New Year to all.

I can recommend Apartotel Gueguense. Currently I am residing here in Esteli at this hotel (5 months). The place is very nice. As far as advice on Esteli the city has all the comforts I can want. Major banks , fast internet, and most of my American grocery products. I think most of the people on this site can answer all your questions without ever having to speak to an actual expat in Nicaragua, So ask away :)

1/4/2015 05:58 EST

Thank you much. It is comforting to know of the amenities available. Are you a permanent resident now or waiting for your residency papers to be completed? You recommended Apartotel Gueguense, is he/she a lawyer specialized in immigration matters Esteli? Please feel free to email me and I do appreciate your guidance. Best Regards, Vassil

1/4/2015 06:32 EST

I'm a member of the Facebook Group that iguanalover mentioned. Very friendly, informative group and definitely the best source you'll find for that part of the country.

1/4/2015 07:36 EST

Thank you for your recommendation! I do not subscribe to Facebook and don't plan to. I fully understand the benefits, nevertheless, Facebook is not my cup of tea :)

I will do my best to find other valuable sources directly. I already found one gentleman living in Esteli who has been so very helpful with his insight and advice.

Please accept my thanks and appreciation. We all are for each other!


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1/4/2015 13:10 EST

If you call or email the Aparthotel Gueguense and speak with them then can answer everything, the owner I have spoken to a few times and she is very fluent in english and is a wonderful person and very helpful

1/4/2015 13:15 EST

Thank you so much for your promptness. Would be kind enough to send me her e-mail address and telephone no? I certainly, would like to establish contact with her! It would give a contact to talk to in Esteli.

Have a great Sunday,


1/4/2015 16:10 EST

Hi Khamael35,

Do you know the rates at the Apartotel Gueguense? I saw on the website that they rent rooms, and one and two-bedroom apartments. The have quite a bit of information, but no monthly rate information. I am traveling with a friend, and am not sure whether we would be better off in two rooms or in an apartment. I appreciate your assistance.

1/4/2015 16:42 EST

WOW...are there swamps in Esteli? Thanks very much for your assistance.


1/4/2015 16:43 EST

Janie at Luz & Luna also rents out rooms in her house. Cable internet, shared kitchen, private bath, living room. I stayed there and enjoyed it.

She's just a few blocks from the center of Estelí.

1/4/2015 16:48 EST

Thank you much. I took note of it. However, I don't know how to contact them for I have no e-mail address.

Best Regards


1/4/2015 17:20 EST

They have a website in both Spanish and English.

There is both an email and a phone at the bottom of the home page.

Lots of possibilities in Estelí, Luz y Luna is just one of them. It's owned by a woman from the UK,

1/4/2015 17:23 EST

Thank you very much for your assistance. I will take the necessary steps accordingly.


1/4/2015 20:33 EST

Hi Vcyanco

The owners are not lawyers although the wife did work in immigration. I am not applying or in process of residency I will just cross the border when my visa expires. Its easy. I would never recommend a lawyer, and I know a few here, just because they are lawyers. I hope no lawyers read that comment. ;()

1/4/2015 20:48 EST

Hi Swampwoman

I am paying $350 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Power, water, internet, and access to a free modern washing machine is included. Contact info as follows... American magic jack numbers

Nica number 505.2714.2229
The place is secure and the owners speak English. If you need more info about Esteli let me know. Best of wishes.
Hey tell them room 6 sent

1/4/2015 21:40 EST

Thanks again! With my due respect to few, lawyers usually take your case, create problems and complicate the case and then charge you! I rest my case.

Looking forward to meeting you in Esteli, that is if you have a name or you even want to connect.

All the Best

Vassil (this s my first name. I don't believe in handles or what have you)

1/4/2015 21:44 EST

Hi again, although I am not the swampwoman (we don't have swamps in Austin Texas) but I will take your advice and contact them. I will mention that I was recommended by the ghost who stayed in room # 6.

1/4/2015 22:04 EST

LOL.....I am staying in room 6 and sorry about the mix up.. :) Floridian personally and we do have swamps and chads...

1/4/2015 22:15 EST

I am still confused by the swamp-woman handle and the one you just used to reply. No problem this intrigues more to come to Esteli.

1/5/2015 10:29 EST

By the way, who is this American magic jack?

1/5/2015 13:36 EST

WAGSA in disguise :-)

1/6/2015 21:14 EST

Hi, I managed to book a room and or a one bedroom apartment with Apart Hotel Gueguense in Esteli. I will be booking my flights to Managua by end of next week and then prepare for my one month trip.

I seize this opportunity to convey to you my thanks and appreciation for your valuable assistance. I don't know if I will be able to meet you in Esteli, but, let's hope that takes place if you are still able to get rid of your "Ghost" identity and reveal yourself :)

Best Regards


1/7/2015 00:21 EST

Hi glad you are coming. I have been tied up lately so sorry for time delay in responding. No ghosts here.. :).. My name is William. Ask in any of the major stores in Esteli if they have seen a 6'5" American rambling in spanish and that should point you straight to me. Lol. Anyway looking forward to another Expat.

1/7/2015 00:37 EST

We need a Gringo bar in Estelí.

A real business opportunity for someone.

1/7/2015 01:02 EST

hey there khamael35...William....thanks for your reply......We are going to Not sure where Esteli doubt will find over you say....YOU would definitely STAND OUT....or should that be UP......!!!!!

1/7/2015 11:41 EST

Hi KeyWestPirate, thank goodness you are not a Caribbean Pirate! :) what is your rough estimation to establish such a bar?

1/7/2015 13:07 EST

I don't know . . . I'd start in Granada, numerous Gringo bars there, ask some questions of the owners there.

Lot of money in Estelí, and a few Nica returnees who might be willing to partner in a venture like this. I just don't see how you could lose.

I know I'd stop by every time I came to Eselí, and I suspect numerous other Estelí based expats would make it their primary watering hole.

I don't know of anything like this that currently exists. . . . a lot of Nica girls are looking for Gringo husbands or boy friends. Opportunities to meet in the north are limited.

1/7/2015 13:14 EST

Thank you for your detailed note. That's a viable approach. I will talk to couple of guys in Granada. If you come up with ideas let me know. BTW, what's your name?

Best Regards


1/7/2015 18:00 EST

This may be a little off subject, but can you drink the tap water in Esteli and Matalapo?

1/7/2015 20:43 EST

I am not in a position to determine that at this writing and the reason is; I haven't been to Esteli or Matalapo and I am still planning my trip. That said, I have drank the tap water in Yemen, Philippines, Saudi Arabia etc. and formed some type of an immunity. I trust I answered your question intelligently!

All the Best to you if you are attempting to drink the tap water in those two places.

1/7/2015 20:48 EST

Yes. Water is GENERALLY good in major Nicaraguan cities, and is also heavily clorinated.

We use that Brita filter system to remove the chlorine taste, makes a big difference in the coffee.

Brita won't remove most bacteria, and won't remove any virus. I don' t know about the larger parasites -some of which can give you major grief.

Water in the campo is always suspect. Carry bottled water.

1/8/2015 09:10 EST

Esteli water won`t kill you in the short run but is not adviseable in the long run. It varies with the well, which you will probbly have no control over. Both bacterial and chemical pollution exits. Over chlorination is a sign of bad water treatment and produces its own toxins.
Drink purified water as your norm and don`t have too much of a cow if you occasionally drink tap water in a beverage. Avoid country water.

1/8/2015 11:44 EST

HappyNew Year! I am back.

All the person meant was that the Gueguense place has magic jack numbers that you can call from the states. By the way, how is magicjack?

1/8/2015 16:37 EST

With my due respect, we only exchanged couple of notes and that doesn't mean I know you. Therefore, mentioning a name of a person you don't know or haven't met at all is rather irrelevant.

Thank you for your note and have a pleasant day.

1/8/2015 16:52 EST

We have also been looking at Cuenca, Ecuador where they brag about drinking water from the tap. In Central and South America and most of Europe, bottled water is the norm. Not a big deal, just digging for info. How about a response from someone that actually lives in the area of Esteli or Matagalpa.

1/14/2015 08:03 EST

Both nice places in 2014. Matagalpa is considerably cooler and the cash crop is coffee. Esteli is tobacco country, and the town is full of tiny cigar factories. Hotel La Profe is very good for budget travel in Matagalpa, with hot water from a boiler and a very nice courtyard garden. And, of course, the fabulous Hotel Iguanas in Esteli is like no other place on the planet, for good or for ill is up to you to decide.

4/5/2017 23:54 EST

Hi - I have been in Nica since Jan 28'17, visited San Rafael del Norte, Ometepe and have been in San Juan del Sur toooo long, I understand there is a strong expat group in Esteli and the climate is more to my liking. Any assistance on the best, affordable and convenient trip to visit would be very much appreciated in that I plan on retiring here from Cdn.. Travel agents to use, cost, reasonable hotel for a few days to explore and a contact on arrival would be wonderful. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm really hoping someone familiar will step up to help.
Thanx -- Patricia

4/6/2017 17:45 EST

Esteli does NOT have a strong expat community. There are a few of us scattered around. You can find inexpensive places to stay on

When you are in Esteli, if you would like to meet for coffee, send me a PM and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

4/6/2017 18:59 EST

I tried to relocate to Esteli, however, after few months f corresponding and researching, I decided not to due to the fact that it is not that inspiring and active place. Will explain. If you are interested drop me a line at i829 at iCloud dot com

4/6/2017 19:39 EST

If foreigners nearby are important to you, well-organized or not, northern Nicaragua is not what you want. Puerto Vallarta, sure. Esteli, not so much. Tobacco's where the money comes from around there, and it's locally run.

4/7/2017 12:06 EST

@keywest......surprized there isnt one......Are there enuff gringos in the area to make it work? Seems like the Nicas like good ole rock n roll and roots reggae better than the reggaeton loving Panas down here.......The old buses all seemed to have old classic rock on em........What might the overheads be to fire up a friendly little Hawaiian style rockin blues bar? Do all the locals wanna be millionaires overnite like here in Panama?

4/11/2017 11:26 EST

Don't know how many gringos there are in Esteli because I never went looking for them on the theory that they will not be there in 6 months because if they don't have family, farm, etc there is no reason for them to be here.
You see them downtown and in La Colonia, but most look like missionary teams and backpackers.
Traditionally lotta hype about Esteli, and I guess if they hype it enough someday there will be some gringos here!

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