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Mexico: Mexican Citizenship:

Everyone talks of permanent or temp. residency. But I have not seen any posts on becoming a Mexican citizen. Wouldn't things be easier if you were Mexican and then renounce your other citizenship. Then only one place to pay taxes etc,.. all rights would be available. Or is it so very difficult, like Thailand?

Mexico: Playa Del Carmen V Progreso V Chelem:

I would love to hear more about the Progresso area! Some told me it is bug infested, sounded bad,.. you sound the opposite,.. and real estate in your area too, rent/buy?

Mexico: Driving down thru USA:

Yes, good advice, avoid the USA like the plague just now. There is a sickness there that can get you killed. Try flying to Mexico, renting vehicle if you really need one? Or try the bus service, it is vastly superiir to greyhound. And yoh will be interacting with the locals more, which I think is the reason to travel, que no?

Mexico: Zipolite:

You are right, there is no "reasonably priced" accomodation in Zipolite. Try basing from Pochutla, not on the beach but a short collectivo or cab ride to good beach areas.

Mexico: How to travel OAX to PV:

From my experience fly! Leaving Oaxaca on a bus is jarring, seasick making and not fun at all. If you must go overland, try traveling by collectivo, faster and although not more comfortable, at least not so sickening.

Mexico: Manage Posts:

Oh 'lurker', where to begin? Calling loser and righteous tells me a little about you. I do see some of your post as rational. But you are so wrong about several things, especially time! We will not be whiing for 7 years, I think the midterms will see a huge change, driving trump further from reality and closer to total insanity. If you wish to understand how far to the right the so-called conservatives have strayed, one need only google the 1956 republican platform. The "left" has actually moved further to the right then the rethugs were back then, when corporate tax was in the 90 percent range and the middle(money)class, grew faster then at any other time in history!!

Mexico: In The Spirit Of The Season Part 2:

Louixo, thanks for the explanation. I wish it wasn't necessary. I loved your post and saw the humor, but wow was blown away be all the nevativity,... anyways have a happy new year, whichever new year you celebrate !!:--)

Mexico: In The Spirit of The Season:

Kikipt are you kidding? What is "mean spirited" about wishing everyone the holiday greeting of choice? I loved the original post, very progressive and intelligent, and hilarious!!!:--)

Mexico: Recent hangings in Cabo:

It is not drugs that ruin anything!! It is the laws against drugs that kill people. Many Euro countries are legalizing all drugs, and the addiction and crime rates go way down very fast!!

Mexico: New US Tax Law:

Lawyers and tax accountants also love confusing laws.

Mexico: South Mexico:

I think 60 USD a month, ludicrously high for Mexico,!! I stay in Hostels for a few weeks to get to know the area, costs about 4-5000 pesos a month, rentals, I have been offered one bdrms furnished for 5-7000 pesos a month on a 6 months lease,.. Y'all are lookin in the wrong places, or just the gated areas, which aint Mexico!

Mexico: Best INEXPENSIVE beach areas to live in Mexico:

The cheapest living is in SE Asia, getting there costs more, but there are vibrant ex pat communities everywhere,.. nIn Thailand and India medicine is good, the rest are kinda catch as catch can,.. But the crime against tourist rate is half what it is in Mexico,.. and I do love Mexico. As a Canadian I really resent what the Amerlo president has done to Mexico,..He hurts all of us,.. well, at least my mex friends know I am not Amerlo and that is something,.. I doubt it would stop any street violence which is spontanious,..

Mexico: Hostility toward Americans?:

Ma ta tu Gaeilge, ansin Gaeilge a labhairt agus nil aon bhotuin i Mexico. If you are Irish, speak Irish, no problem in Mexico:-)))

Mexico: Mosquitoes love me.:

I thought Parris Island was a penal colony?

Mexico: TIP and snowbirds leaving a US-plated vehicle in Mexico?:

Can anyone tell me how Mexican insurance works? I was looking at a vehicle to buy and the seller was rather vague about going to the police for registration,.. I did not understand him and so am asking here, anyone?

Mexico: Effects of policies of new administration on lives of expats living in Mexico?:


Mexico: In answer to "have you eexperienced anti amercanism thread.:

Tamber,.. You cannot be serious !!! US troops on Mexican soil is an international violation and an act of war !!! I am incredibly offended by this suggestion ! If that happens, I would hope every Mexican and every ex-pat who calls Mexico home would resist with extreme prejudice!!! America must stop trying to police the world.

Mexico: Anti-Amer.sentiment in the Riviera Maya:

Some very disturbing nazi sentiment on here lately,.. pro trump, really how oddly unamerican ?

Mexico: non-profit enterprise:

Im interested,.. please forward info,.. tx

Mexico: Tuxtla Gutierriz:

Anyone know much about Tuxtla? Best area to rent apartment etc.

Mexico: Community Living:

Hi Shelly, I have thought of the same thing. I am 69 and no longer want to live totally alone. I am traveling in Mexico for winter. I was thinking of doing this in Canada for summer with like-minded people and in Mexico for winters. Please keep me posted,

Mexico: US State Dept:

I Think Mexico is much safer in general, then USA in the last several years, possibly always,.. Americans are gun crazy, Mexicans are not. Although the macho shyte does work here on some people. Trying to blame Mexico for America's problems is a non-starter. Enjoy the country, live and let live. Buenos Suertes !

Mexico: Shopping:

No one tells ya these things,.. Shop at Commercial Mexicana on Wednesdays for the specials, Walmart Tuesdays, any others would be helpful? And in Queretåro, where is the best and not too expensive place to get my gel-fill nails refilled? Hopefully with a Pedi??? thanks.

Mexico: Biscuits,...:

Hey any of y'all know if any panaderias make anything close to a biscuit? I been a tryin' and gettin' nowhere,.. American biscuits or Canadian scones,..?

Mexico: Working Retirement?:

I think there is a difference in what work means,.. if one wishes to obtain employment in Mexico, I think RVGringo and OldPro are right,.. However, if you are a freelance agent being paid in Canada or USA or elswhere, you can do whatever you like as long as your pay gos into a bank outside Mexico. I am an artista, and retired from Paliative care work,.. I sell art online and in galleries,.. I am trying to get a gallery in Mexico to carry my work/art,.. if successful, they will pay the taxes etc,.. I do the work outside Mexico and have limited edition prints here. Not sue yet if this is legal, although is should be as galleries here are allowed to buy from me at home and sell to their clients,.. quien sabe?


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