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Mexico: Trouble reading some threads:

Every once in awhile a thread will be posted that runs right off the right side of the screen. The only one currently do that is the "Mexican Citizenship" thread. Print runs right over the top of ad photos so the print is unreadable. Once I get to posts below the ads I have to scroll way over to the right to read the posts. It's just more trouble than it is worth. Why do some posts not fit the format? Can it be corrected?

Mexico: Temporary Visa Requirements:

Here it is updated for 2018.

Mexico: New US Tax Law:

Has congress even seen it yet?

Mexico: Bring a tiny house to Ajijic:

Tiny homes sound an awful lot like park model RVs. If you plan to move it very often that sounds more like a traditional RV. I have owned both a park model RV and a motorhome so I get the attraction BUT I sure would hate to have either show up next door to me outside of an established RV community. matt

Mexico: Expat to Baja:

Well, that gives you about 900 years to start saving for it.

Mexico: The best beach place, deal. this that etc.:

"...because everybody wants to be there. " The lack of responses so far may be because most people really don't want to be on the coast. It is hot, humid, hot, expensive and hot.

Mexico: poo guys:

Having read the title I just had to look.

Mexico: Missing:

The Baja Nomad board would probably give you better exposure to people in Ensenada. Good luck

Mexico: Temporary Resident Visa Requirements (mainly financial):

theancientlink, here is a link to an updated article written by a Mexican attorney practicing in the Lake Chapala area. He defines the requirements in effect for 2017.

Mexico: Looking for 280 Veracruz ave Cuyutlan:

You might have better luck on more local forums. Good luck!

Mexico: Permenant Residence Visa for Mexico:

Aren't you already in Mexico? Maybe you should be dealing with INM in Mexico and not the Mexican consulate in Montreal. I believe that if your spouse is a Permanent Resident visa holder the best you can get from within Mexico is a Temporary Resident visa. To get a Permanent Resident visa for yourself you would have to go back to your home country and redo the whole process for yourself. I could very well be wrong about this so please verify.

Mexico: A different Moving-to-Mexico basis:

"It seems to me that living in north MX (north of DF), in a decent sized city with access to transportation might allow me to return to the states for any medical needs that come up." Elections have consequences. There is a very good chance that U.S. medical care ( especially prescription drugs, the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid) will not be recognizable in the near future. You may not want to make that one of your priorities. Explore your options for medical care inside Mexico.

Mexico: Tulum:

StacyR, I think I recall reading that it is nearly impossible to bring birds into Mexico and even more difficult to take them out again. You may want to do some research on this. matt

Mexico: Medicare:

This is probably the wrong place for this question. The people who gave up Medicare (Part B) and then rued their decision are probably the people who moved back to the U.S. and now have to pay a higher rate for the same coverage. I suspect that most of those people are no longer active on this, or other, expat boards.

Mexico: ACA:

If you have any connection to your last place of residence within the U.S. write to the congressman representing that district. A simple note with your basic facts may bring a response that is much more authoritative than an anonymous response from a web board. Personally, I can't think of anything helpful NOB. It looks like you'll be on the Republican Plan.

Mexico: Consulate visit. Talk me off the ledge, lol:

It looks like you got some scrambled information. For a temporary residence visa you should only need to prove about $1200/month/person, nowhere near the $2000+ that you were told. The $2000+/month/person would be for a permanent resident visa. The $21,000/person deposits would be about right for a temporary resident visa. That figure would be closer to $80,000 for a permanent visa.

Mexico: Moving to Cabo San Lucas:

You're apt to get fresher info on Baja Nomad.


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