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Mexico: What I wish I'd brought:

For those who have moved, what do you feel is important to bring with or have shipped? We are downsizing and attempting to travel light. We're looking at the Querétaro area. Many thanks!

Mexico: Visiting Queretaro and Tequisiquiapan:

My husband and I will be visiting Tequis and Queretaro in a few months with an eye toward a possible move. We currently live in Arizona. For those who have made such a move I would like some advice on banking, mail (did you retain a US address?). We do not plan to have a car and are learning Spanish now to ease the transition. I am a writer and my husband will be newly retired. We are both interested in volunteering. and the arts. Any information on these topics or interesting things to check out in the area are appreciated. Many thanks!

Costa Rica: Information for potential expats:

Hello! My husband and I will be going to the seminar in San Jose the last Thursday and Friday in May, then visiting Grecia, Atenas, and San Ramon. We are interested to learn as much as we can about these towns. Does anyone have any suggestions of what we might do to that end while we are there? We speak some Spanish but are not yet fluent. Thank you.

Mexico: Visa Permanente vs Temporal:

I understand that we need to begin the process in the state, for us Phoenix, and complete the process in Mexico. My husband will qualify for a first time permanent visa but I'm not sure if I will as I am not yet a pensioner. Is it possible to qualify under investment income if one is not receiving a pension? Temporal would be fine, but it would be nice to both have Permanente if possible.

Mexico: Mosquitoes love me.:

We will be going to Ajijic during the rainy season. Mosquitoes and sand flies find me delicious. I guess it's blood chemistry. There is someone who sells a concoction in Ajijic that does not have DEET. Anyone know about it or have other suggestions?

Mexico: Bringing Supplements on trip to Ajijic:

My husband and I are making an exploratory trip to Ajijic in August. Typically, when we take a trip anywhere, I make little bags of vitamin supplements for us. I take one for my thyroid that is not prescribed but makes a huge difference for me. I am on the low end of "normal". After reading about bringing in antihistamines and the problems with that, I didn't realize pseudoephedrine hydrocloride in small doses was a no-no until recenty, I am nervous about bringing even vitamins in. Am I being overly cautious?


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