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Hi Guys, Im new to the forum and planning well in advance for my retirement 15 years off but no harm in planning. We love Playa Del Carmen and that would be a great place to retire to (although I do think some charm has gone with all the tourism) but ive been looking more and more into Progreso and its neighbouring towns Chelem and a few others. I have google earth VR and have been touring these places on that and I do like the look of the areas. Are there any expats that can give me a bit of insight into living in Progreso or surrounding areas, as it looks like my money will stretch a hell of a lot further than it would in PDC. I enjoy a quiet life but i'd like a bars and restaurants in relative walking distance, also what is internet like in these areas? Are the locals friendly towards ex pats (from our experiance in the Riviera Maya, The Mayans are amazing people) I know im a long time off moving here but I will at some point come over and explore the areas and my options. Like I say we have been to Playa Del Carmen many times but Progresso and surrounding ares look very nice.


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