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Mexico: Make a Mistake ? . . .:

. . . retiring to Mexico from the USA, Canada or elsewhere ? Seriously consider 'FIJI', a former British Colony in the South Pacific. Ready to flee an oppressive EU, stifling U.S. 'Sanctuary' State or City, the 'invasion' of Western Europe, U.K. farmer attacks in So. Africa, cartel violence in Mexico [retired to Mex. & realize you made a mistake ?] or retiring from Canada, USA and elsewhere and tired of the embellished ads pushing retirement to Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, etc. consider joining us in safe FIJI in the beautiful South Pacific. Inexpensive - Where can one find a cozy beach cottage, particularly in a beautiful South Pacific location, for well under US$100,000. ? Just US$29,900. to US$69,900. plus options. Instead of buying a hard-to-find freehold lot and have to build a minimum FJ$250,000. house within 2 years, just lease a parcel on 50-acres of beachfront property for your Beach House for only US$220. per month. Review details under 'Real Estate'.


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