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cost to live in Antigua Guatemala

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12/27/2012 10:06 EST

i want to know how much can cost to live in Antigua guatemala (for two persons):

- (rent and/or buy) a small house (2 - 3 bedrooms) living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. (nothing fancy but quiet)
- transportation
- internet
- budget to go to groceries

well... in the end, how much monthly i need to live in antigua guatemala like a normal local person ... any information (website, blog, or any kind of info etc) will be helpfull.... thank you sooo much!!

12/31/2012 10:52 EST

These are AVERAGE prices, add 10 to 25% more or less depending on your taste.

2-bedroom modern apt with living room and kitchen in a secure area : 2 000 Quetzales or 250 dollars.

Internet use for computer : 36 dollars a month with limited downloading to 8 000 Gb .

Transportation in a tuk-tuk or 3-wheeled vehicle for 2 dollars a trip.

Groceries : whole cooked chicken about 7 dollars, vegetables and fruits local for half price of current North American prices.

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12/31/2012 11:28 EST

$250 would be cheap for western tastes unless you are far from the center, there are all price ranges.
Check my presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBEiVXEAVlU Antigua, Guatemala

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