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12/6/2017 16:36 EST

How about it golfers what are locations and costs?

12/8/2017 14:37 EST

Pricing for golf around here is difficult, as there are so many variables..... Lets just discuss green fee play.

At the Chapala Country Club:
General Rate: 07:00 to 14:00 pm Monday to Friday: 1,200 pesos (18 Holes or less)

Special rates: After 14:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday: 650 pesos (18 Holes or less)

Saturday & Sunday: 650 pesos (18 Holes or less)

Packets of 10 tickets for rounds of golf – effective 2/24/2017 – all day Saturday & Sunday and after 2:30 pm on Monday, Thursday and Friday; good for 90 days; any time; anyone can use a ticket: $5000 pesos

(All rates for 9 or 18 holes include the required shared golf cart and 1/2 bucket of range balls

Chula Vista- you may want to phone them, as it’s been awhile since I’ve played there. I do know that have a twilight rate after 2pm and caddies are compulsory (around 200 pesos for 18 holes). tel: 376 766 2515
Note that this is a 9 hole course

Atlas Country Club- Located 5 minutes north of the airport. 18 hole course
Their prices are all over the map. They have Monday specials for 600 pesos plus caddie (200 pesos). They also have coupons- 10 rounds for an average cost of around 650 pesos + caddie. Caddies are compulsory Mon/Wed/Fri. Contact Diana at: for more information on rates. If anyone just wants to show up at the pro shop to play without any prior arrangements, they can expect to pay around 2000 pesos.


El Cielo- On López Mateos in Guadalajara. Very nice course that has a Monday special for around 650 pesos + caddie (around 250). Other days are much more expensive.....well over 1500 pesos.


Santa Anita- Very nice course in a traditional styled private community. Again, on López Mateos before Costco. They recently opened their course to green fee play- I believe on Monday’s only. I’m not sure of the cost, but I think it’s in line with the others- approx. 650 pesos + caddie.


The courses in Guadalajara are normally closed on Mondays, so that is why they have the special rates. Golfers can not expect to receive any special pricing, other than what is advertised, since most are private or semi-private courses.

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12/8/2017 16:03 EST

Thanks for the detailed reply. Ave to admit I was hoping it might be just a tad bit cheaper than herein He frozen north

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