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12/2/2016 09:29 EST

Good morning or good evening, I know some of you if you 'in Kabul there are Post boxes, to deliver Post, or' does' the post office? I prepare to go to Afghanistan, probably we'll go 'very often. So, I need explanations, thanks. If 'someone had even informed in respect of hotels, it would be a great pleasure. I know if ', the most' destroyed are hotels or apartments?

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12/5/2016 10:23 EST


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12/5/2016 14:46 EST

Good evening, I have the chance 'to go to Afghanistan, Kabul, with all expenses paid trip from Arab countries, then, I want a person who can speak the Afghan language that accompanies me from inside Afghanistan, Kabul. I am an Italian woman from Italy. If you are interested, we can leave together, if 'the Tourist operator, working for the organizations ranging in Kabul. I can also decide which organization starting. The operator in Afghnaistan would benefit me to make the move. I send the mail, and I knew that the woman can 'turn only accompanied by another woman. I do not know mote about things in the mailbox, and among other things I need someone to speak the Afghan language. In this, I might as well take a decision, rather than 'to go to the hotel, take an apartment for rent, for three days. I know that hotels are already very focused from the massacre, so if 'I go to the apartment, I could do that too accompanied the expense to eat.

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