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Just Arrvied in Algeria

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11/27/2015 02:11 EST

Hi there

Its just been a week and half since i arrived in Algeria.Just wondering if theres anybody from New Zealand here.
Im experiencing huge culture shock! Didnt think it would hit me like this.What do ladies do in this country to socialise? Any coffee groups gyms or book club around? Currently im living in Baraki.

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11/28/2015 23:52 EST

Hi Valnz, I'm not living in Algeria but I was there last year for about a month. I completely understand! I'm from the states. I love Algeria & the only entertainment was the family. My husband would try to help me by taking me out driving around or dinner at his sister or brother's house. Still it was a huge adjustment. I don't speak French or Arabic. I speak English & Spanish. I kept trying to talk to them in Spanish lol. Try to keep a good humor and immerse yourself in refining every cooking skill you've ever heard of. I'll do that next visit, if they'll let me. There's lots of time for reflection that's for sure. Best wishes!

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11/29/2015 13:12 EST

Hi Valns,
Beraki isn't the best place to start at and I totally understand the culrural shock. There are a lot more activities' choices in most of Algiers counties, and Beraki is a new area with harsh faces, though Algerians are usually quiet generous and warm.
There are gym clubs you can subscribe to but it's quiet different from the US as well as New Zealand I'm guessing.
I posted something here to try to socialise but nobody has gotten back at me. The only advantage I have, is that I speak both French and Arabic.
You could always try to ask around if anyone speaks English and offer to start a book club, I guess. People here are quiet curious about English, speacially if you can supply the material. Doesn't have to be physical books, printed pages from internet would do just fine, I am convinced.
Maybe if you register at your embassy they would offer some tips and activities.
Hope it helps.
Feel free to contact me, I'd always be glad to interact.
Kind Regards and best of luck.

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12/18/2015 18:32 EST

Hello. My experience was very similar as to the above. I spent two months in Algiers, Draria area and there was absolutely nothing for entertainment for women outside the home. I could not even venture outside in the neighborhood for a walk - had to drive somewhere outside neighborhood as it would have shamed the family I presume. I did ride the bus to downtown with sisters and that was quite an adventure. We went walking around to shop and ate ice cream. The shopping experience was quite different. What I experienced was only male shop keepers, no females and I was very uncomfortable attempting to look at anything because they would just stare/leer at us. My family said they do that because they think that we are going to steal something, but it was very uncomfortable and I thought quite rude - but just culture shock and totally different as to what I am used to. I thought the most fun was a drive on the coast to Tipaza to view the ruins. I've always thought if I moved to Algiers I would start a women's only cafe, women's only gym and women's only shopping area at least with women shop keepers!

Good luck, best wishes. My recommendation is to immerse yourself in the family and try and learn the cooking and the language. I only knew English and Spanish and also kept confusing words in Spanish/Algerian. Next time I'll go I will learn to relax in the home a bit more and not be so intent on wanting to get out and explore.........

It's so hard to drive/get anywhere there!

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When a woman from Malaysia married a man from Algeria, they needed to decide where to live. She considered living in Algeria, but ultimately convinced him to move to Malaysia. She shares her eye-ope...

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