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12/29/2011 01:40 EST

I'm looking to find a career that could get me a work permit and residency in the Bahamas from the US after college, I'm not sure what is the best area of work to go into because almost all of the sites I've looked into have all been very vague just saying special skills, etc.

Any advice helps, thanks! (:

12/29/2011 09:23 EST

They are vague because it is really a person by person thing. What is your major in college? That could help us lead you better. This is the thing, your potential employer has to apply for the permit and prove that no Bahamian can do your job. So most jobs are off limits unless they are specialized skills. Hopethat is helpful.

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12/29/2011 10:57 EST

I haven't chosen a major yet that's the one of the good parts of the situation I guess lol

12/29/2011 16:44 EST

Well, how soon are you graduating from college then? If you are just starting out then try Engineering, that's a specialized skill that is needed everywhere. Also, things that have to do with shipping. I guess it depends on what area you are interested in. How did you pick the Bahamas as your future residence location?

12/29/2011 20:30 EST

I'm just starting out in my first year of college, working on my prerequisite classes so I haven't decided on a major yet.. I picked the Bahamas because it's a place my family and I have always traveled too, having been there about 10 or 11 times and my fathers company does some work there, but nothing that would help me get residency or work permits.

1/3/2012 10:51 EST

It is quite difficult to obtain work in the Bahamas without a specialized skill that is hard to meet here, and without the work experience to back your education. Even with something like an Engineering degree, you would likely need at least 5 years' experience to be able to be competitive with other foreign workers applying for a job and a work permit.

This is a really difficult question that you are asking. There are a lot of expats working in the Financial Services industry (Investment Banking and Wealth Management primarily) and a few in very high, senior positions in tourism. If you know how to scuba dive, there are definitely positions for expats with some of the dive operations. Engineering is currently a good field to move into, but the big projects going on currently that require a lot of engineers will be ending in the next few years, and while there will always be projects, these projects (Bahamar, Airport) are likely the only major projects for quite some time - once they are complete, there will not likely be any other huge projects in the near future.

Of course, if there is a possibility that you could afford to start a business here (with a Bahamian partner, of course), then you might benefit from a Business degree to help you to do so. You would be more likely to be able to get a work permit if you are investing in a business.

As opposed to finding a career path to suit your desire to live in the Bahamas, I strongly encourage you to focus more on what you might be suited to, and what you might be interested in. Then, perhaps you can further explore where you might be able to make use of such a degree. Do you have some ideas what you might be interested in?

Feel free to PM me with questions

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1/13/2012 15:16 EST

sweet girl/guy

id follow my heart as to best option for a major. if u pursue a passion with ur whole heart it will lead to success in any country.

1/28/2012 16:07 EST

What about someone who went to school for journalism/media?

1/29/2012 09:32 EST

I could be wrong but I think there are plenty of those here. I know we have four media agencies on GBI that I can name right off the top of my head. But it is worth writing to them and seeing what they have to say. Good luck!

1/29/2012 16:22 EST

What about someone who studied health management? I have tried Family Guardian, no luck...

2/8/2012 10:19 EST

I'm a Project Mgr/ Design Engineer interviewing on the Baha Mar project. My questions are..

1st My wife is an RN/BSN with extensive experience in both Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab are there any hospitals within the Islands that have either type of Rehab?

2nd If the hospital is not in Nassau are there any inter-island commuter options $50/day +/-??

2/8/2012 16:03 EST

There is Doctors Hospital (private) and Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH- public), I was just reading an article about both hospitals being short staffed (extremely) as far as nurses go. She would have to go to their websites and locate their address and submit a resume/references directly to them as they do not post job openings.

For additional info on PMH, check this out: http://www.phabahamas.org/hospitals_contact_pmh.php

For additional info on Doctors Hospital, check this out: http://www.doctorshosp.com/career-opportunities.php (Doctors Hospital has a specific application she can print out and mail as well).

I will be shortly applying to both as well on the administration side, let me know how things go! I hope this helps!

2/8/2012 16:18 EST

That is great information..thank you!

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