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How I moved money here from the US

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1/10/2019 17:38 EST

Here is my story I wanted to help my wife but a car. Myself I don’t have any bank account here as of yet. I just became a permanent citizen in 2018. I tried wiring money here from my bank in US to the Toyota bank in Brazil direct no services. It turned into a nightmare first I missed all the details need on the wire my fault. Then it did make it to the account in Brazil Toyota. It took over a month. Now we think everything is good but again they want more documents. To release the money and convert it to Reals. They have My I’d Permanent card and now want me to prove how I got the money even though the US has already reviewed this. Finally we got a loan paid for the car and had the money sent back lucky it was Toyota. Now how do I pay the loan. I find out I can with drawn any amount from the ATM in supermarkets, malls as long as you repeat 1000 per pull. You just repeat this the same thing max is 1000 Reals per pull. As long as your card is setup for any amount. Example I pulled 3,000 Reals out of one machine can be even more at one time. My debt card pays all the fees so I get it at the day rate. I tried at the bank both through the teller and machine Bank of Brazil no money. A friend who live here told me he is limited to 5,000 a day at the bank. I will just say I pulled more than 3000 at one time from one ATM machine. So if you want to control all the process of moving money here but again need to be careful. We then deposit it in the bank no question in my wife account. There is a new rule here if you take or deposit 50,000 or more at one time per day it will have to be reported and maybe go through the central bank. . If you stay below this you can go every day and deposit my experience not a expert. If you wire 10,000 directly to your account that is the maximum for the year without a contract to show where the money is going. Not when you deposit cash doesn’t matter it seem how much.. So the loan is paided off and don’t have to go to the ATM only once a month to pay bills. My point is if you really want to know for sure you are getting your money this is the only way I have found. Thank for reading my story hope it helps

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1/11/2019 17:58 EST

Thanks for the tip I would recommend you try Charles Schwab. They pay all the ATM fees and you are not limited to 500.

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1/11/2019 19:29 EST

I forgot to tell you I tried to buy a car using my debit card they wouldn’t do it. The say the fees are to much they ask me to wire the money. I tried that and it was a mess. That why I now suggest you take the money out in cash. at ATM. You cans do multiple time as long as you do 1000 Reals each time or in your case 1000 then 500. It would take 4 days for you me only one time. Since I can raise my amount. Good luck. .

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1/12/2019 21:44 EST

You might check out transferwise.com Used it for years without any hassles. Avante!

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