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Breasts and other elective surgeriesw

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4/28/2019 09:38 EST

First of all I am a man. And my opinions almost certainly wont match up with others of this foum.
In my previous life and previous marriage before coming to Ecuador, my wife of nearly 30 years complained that she didnt like her breasts and wanted breast implants. I moaned about it for several months but finally relented. We went to a decent surgeon who did a great job at a cost of $12,000. Two months later my dearest left me for the new 'love of her life', who up till that moment had been my friend. I made a quick exit from that life and moved here alone. I assume they are both living happily ever after, with my new investments and half my retirement too.;)
Since then I thought wow! That was a mistake. Im not paying for anyone more plastic surgeries!
A fews days after my arrival here though, I met a much, much younger, and even prettier local woman who, obviously already had invested in breast implants. :) I married her a couple months later, just as soon as my ex finished divorcing me.
It turns out though that my nrw wife had those breast implants for nearly 12 years. They suggest they be changed after about ten years.... My new wife developed a very large precancerous lump in one of her breast. In a consult with a specialist, they said the lump was in a difficult area to access and because of the implant, the cost of the surgery and testing was going to be nearly $1,500.
We decided to go to a consult with a local and well known plastic surgeon that my wifes family and friends had often used before. He took a couple of exrays and said he could remove, the lump and send it to the lab to be tested. He offered to remove both of her old implants and replace them with smaller better ones, remove the escess skin and relocate the nipples to a higher position. All at a total cost of just $1,800. The next morning he completed the surgery in his office without a hitch. The growth was was still completely encapsuled and tested negative. My wife had no down time and almost no discomfort and her boobs look great. The same doctor has also done a liposucion for $800 for my wife previously as well. Two years later, and my wife talked me into paying for a Rhinoplasty of her nose for a cost of $650. (It does look alot better). He has also done a nose job for my oldest stepdaughter who works as a professional model. I also paid for braces for her (the step daughter) at a cost of $360 all together. And veneers for her 6 front teeth cost $350 each. When our youngest stepdaughter was 16 she had a very wide nose and extremely wide and fat cheeks. For her birthday my wife took her to the same surgeon to perform the rhinoplasty and grind down her nose. That was $650. When she got home i saw that she had way more swelling than what should be normal and her mouth was full of gauze, So I asked my wife what had happened. She explained that at the last minute the surgeon offered to also go in through the mouth and remove a large portion of the fat in her cheeks to give her a longer, finer face... that cost another $200. The change in our daughter in just a week though was incredible. And now two years later, she is very beautiful. Before the surgery, we couldnt get her to take care of her self. She woulnt clean her glasses, she had no interest in painting her nails or wearing dresses, going to the beach etc. A week after the surgery though everything about her changed. She began painting her nails and even her toe nails. She wanted to color her hair and now keeps it very nice. She saved up some money to help with paying for contacts and more than anything, she is so much happier, knowing that she really is pretty!
Now my wife just got veneers on her top front 8 teeth. I dont deny that she looks even better.
I would like to say that Im done paying for plastic surgeries, braces veneers etc. But last night I was looking in the mirror, my hair is getting pretty thin hmmmm and my teeth are really ground down and there is a lot of loose skin under my chin.... hmmmm......

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4/28/2019 10:00 EST

Hey RoyBoy. Please PM me johninecuador@gmail.com if you find a good hair transplant doc here. My ones from 20 years ago could use some help. And about that loose chin skin ............

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4/29/2019 00:13 EST

Do you happen to have whatsapp mine ls 0988543730. Id enjoy staying in touch

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4/29/2019 06:03 EST


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5/1/2019 14:00 EST

I will be visiting my uncle and aunt in Cuenca, and shopping for a cosmetic surgeon for a breast lift. Who is this fantastic surgeon you recommend?

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5/2/2019 09:09 EST

I would be interested in the name/contact info of the plastic surgeon too!

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