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Cry babies

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3/2/2020 19:22 EST

11years ago when we moved here the small expat population were kind of adventurers. They knew things would be much different than where they came from. They knew they were moving to a developing country that was very poor.
What's happened since. All I see is a bunch of crying about how things are so terrible.
Why all the crying? Most posters seem like they just can't fit in here. Is there theft? Yes, on a grand scale. That's what happens in poor countries. Try moving into a well to do neighborhood in the states that borders a poor neighborhood and see what happens.
Not planing for your death when your here alone. Try doing the same anywhere else. The buzzards will be circling.
As far as wives having no rights if the husband dies. That's B/S. All you have to do is plan and the wife looses nothing.
Use to be folks who moved here were adventurous, now just a bunch of whiners.
Yes Ecuador has many blemishes, but my 11 years here have been wonderful because I planned. You crybabies need to go back to where you came from. This has become our home and we are very comfortable here.
As far as walls, what do you think gated communities in the states are.

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3/3/2020 10:11 EST


Well said. A perfect way to assure continued discontent and disaffection with a new environment is to constantly compare it to the one you left. The sooner one gets over the "it's-not-the-way-we-did-it-back-home" syndrome and accepts what life has brought them in their new home, the quicker they will be able to adjust, kick back and enjoy what's around them.

Unfortunately, many people - especially, ones from the United States - have a hard time doing this. They are the ones who are unhappy with EVERYTHING and make everone else miserable kvetching about it. Most of them move on, after a relatively short time. Others hang around because they've burned all their bridges in other places and have no place to go back to.

Like remoore2001, I came here many years ago, viewing it as an adventure but one that I looked forward to and knew, for the most part what to expect, having been here several times prior to my final move.

I have never regretted a minute here. I love my life, my family, the people and the country - all the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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3/3/2020 11:33 EST

Theres a big difference between those who came here for an adventure vs. those who came here because they bought into the IL bs about living on $600 a month.

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3/3/2020 16:54 EST

Hey Quito,
I own my owned my own houses when I came here 11 years ago. So I had no rent. I owned one in Crucita and one in Cotacachi. Sooooo, we did live on about 700 ddls a month for 2 or three years as we were living on savings as my wife was 51 and I was 55. So I imagine it was doable back then

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3/4/2020 10:38 EST


Well said. Are you still in Machala?

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3/4/2020 11:41 EST


Yep, still here.

We are taking off tomorrow for a few days up in Malacatos to get away from the coastal rains, heat and humidity ( Although I expect we'll get our share of "liquid sunshine" up there. ) I like that area of the country to kick back and chill in. Quiet, slow paced, and not many touristas.

Keep well, my friend. ( With or without a mask .... sorry couldn't resist. lol )

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