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7/29/2019 07:51 EST

I met Ahmed on my holidays in Hurghada. I went on a trip and he asked me out. We were 2 ladies on holidays, so I thought why not. We went caffe, then clubbing. Was really nice, but we have to pay for him and his friend, but really dint mind, because we knew the situation in Egypt, how they live and how much they earn. Day after he asked me out as well, we sit in local caffe and talked till late. And my last night there we met and he asked me to his place. I am grown up woman and I know what does it mean, so I went. And I had really nice sex, no regrets. In the morning I went back hotel, then we met him in afternoon, went for dinner and we went back home uk. I need to say, that I lied him my age, I said I am 23, though I am 34, he is 24. But I was sure that we not going to be in touch. I know how egyptians scamming ladies, so I was saying that I earn very little money, been saving for holidays for years, I have to send money back to my familly in Latvia and so on. He was I think honest with me, because he said, he is looking for someone who would help him with visa, that he has 'girlfriend' from Italy, who is thinking they getting married and he is going to live to Italy. That girlfirends sends him present and so on. Fair enough. So after I come back, he's been in contact with me ever since. He is saying, that other girls he is using, and I am different to all, because he likes me for real. But I told him, that I cant ask him to uk, because I am latvian and cant ask to Latvia, because I stay uk. So really he has no use of me. We know each other 4 month, last week I went to visit him to Egypt again. We had very nice few days, again I paid for everything, but we were going to local restaurants, cafes, so nothing posh. And he was really good, caring, protective and so on. We even have a plan, that in autumn he is going to work to Emirates and I am joining him when he settles down. Of course I havent told no one about this, because my friends would think I am mad, but I think I starting to like him. I am not promiscuous and there would be no problem to find someone in uk for sex, but I feel very comfortable next to him and I never felt this way before. And for the first time in my life I am so much confused.

Many thanks,


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7/29/2019 17:30 EST

So what exactly are you asking?

Are you asking if you can trust him? Trust him to be only faithful to you?
Trust him not to be scamming and ultimately take you for everything?

Did you meet his family? Mom? Dad? Brothers? Sisters? Extended family?

I think if you look at him clinically objectively and consider what he has shared it must make you wonder what all he has not shared even though his talking to you was probably under the guise of 'open & honest' but was it or just part of his game with all the women he meets?

I hardly think you'll know 'til it is too late and you're in too deep.

Just my piasters worth......and I hear your side but ?????

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7/30/2019 10:49 EST

Many thanks for reply. I met his brother and friends, but this probably means nothing. Deep down I know I even shouldnt consider this situation, but he should be very good liar or I become blind, because I am very good in spotting something dodgy. I know I should end this before is too late, but its really hard....

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