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Moving from Chicago to Bangalore in April 2016

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2/15/2016 12:31 EST

My wife and I are moving from Chicago to Bangalore in April 2016. We are both very exciting. We have both lived in the US our entire life and this will be our first expat experience. My office is in the Manyata Embassy Business park and although we want a India experience would like to live in a gated community with amenities near by (shopping, health club, medical . Looking for fully furnished (nicely) apartment or villa . I anyone has any advise please let me know

3/13/2016 17:13 EST

Welcome to Bangalore,
There are a lot of places you can rent out close to Manyata Tech park,
Im sure you will find a suitable place in a couple of days tops.

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3/21/2016 00:14 EST

I am looking for travel companion for mother in law in June 2016 month. Let me know anyone coming from Bangalore till Chicago is also fine. preferable language Kannada

4/14/2016 14:59 EST

We are actually moving from Chicago to Bangalore and it looks like your post is for someone going the opposite direction (Bangalore to Chicago) ...Sorry. Best of luck to you

10/8/2016 00:18 EST


Your post caught my eye because I have a fully furnished 3-bedroom apartment near Manyata Tech Park that I'd like to rent out to an expat like myself (from San Francisco Bay Area). A new work assignment is taking me out of Bangalore.

If you're still looking, please drop me a note. I'll be happy to send you the pics and details.

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