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Cost of living in Haifa

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2/4/2019 20:48 EST

Hi all, I am a student planning to come to Haifa for internship. I need to roughly calculate my cost so that I know how much I am roughly going to spend. I searched online on cost of living but it doesn't really focus on student lifestyles (I don't buy clothes, no sports membership, etc)

I was wondering if I could find a place to rent for below 2800 shekels in Haifa? Not fussy, just need a bed and kitchen.

Transport wise, how much is the monthly pass there? Are the bus and train pass the same, or do I have to purchase separately?

For the supermarkets there, I am looking to get bread, vegetables, with minimal meat. How much do you spend on groceries?

I will be avoiding outside food as I read that it's quite pricey.

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