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5/27/2019 11:33 EST

Found this in a town I'm interested in:

Price of the property:
270 €/month

Price per m2: 5.40 eur/m²

40 euros in community costs

Are apartments in the country really this cheap? What are "community costs" and what other cost come into play? Are utilities a huge expense?
Thank you!

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5/27/2019 12:12 EST

Sure you can get apartments that cheap but you will want to consider if you want to live in them. You need to take a look. Community costs are common fees like garbage collection. Utilities are higher but shouldn't be too high. I had a 110 m2 and i paid 200 or so euro a month for electric (electric heat). But we used a pellet stove to heat the house. Also include about 30 per month for internet and phone. You may or may not have to pay for water.

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5/27/2019 12:31 EST

Dear Flying, Sergio is right (as always)...I've seen gorgeous places for very little money...but there is always a catch. For instance it may be so far out in the country that going for groceries is a 1hr trip through twisty/winding mountain roads. Fine for the possible hermit or one writing the 'great Italian novel' but I'd rather home be a bit more accessible. As far as utilities go they seem to be far cheaper than US but there is usually no dryer, no dishwasher, no ac and no beloved trash-masher. We pay c. E200/2x a yr for water and about the same for garbage. And internet/phone service is quite cheap but also not usually broadband (we pay E43/month) and it can be iffy. Dish TV is c. E30/month. All things said we just relax and live a more 1950's lifestyle. It does also depend where you choose to live...we're in Liguria in the country. Good Luck

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5/29/2019 12:15 EST

Thank you. It's in a great location and near everything I was looking for. I guess I'm used to the super high prices in big cities and this sort of surprised me!
Thanks again

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7/20/2019 08:59 EST

I've had an all inclusive arrangement in the trendy section of Trieste. I've paid €700 per month for everything, but do see the bills. Heat (gas) costs about €300 every two months in the winter (less in the summer); I think garbage €200 a year; water runs about €28 every two months. I think the Internet, which includes TV (more than local stations, but not sure which server) is about €48 a month. I have a generous "Your Country" plan through Wind and pay €10-12 a month (plenty of minutes and WiFi for me, particularly since I have WiFi at home). So, as others have said, it depends on where you live. I assume costs are lower in the south.

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