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Residency and dual citizenship

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12/20/2019 11:20 EST

I am a citizen of both the US and Italy. I intend to rent an apartment in Italy and spend about half the year there and half in the US which will be my permanent residence. Given my Italian citizenship do I still need to apply for residency if I want to buy a car to use in Italy?

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12/20/2019 13:06 EST

My answer is yes you would. Our dealer wanted to see our Carta d’Identita to show we were residents. Also in order to register a car you’d need it.

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12/20/2019 15:55 EST

Hi All,
The transfer agent for the car wanted to see my Residenza, not my Carte. In fact, I didn't bring my residenza with me. End result: my name didn't go on the car title. Plain and simple.

A note: your application for Residenza is not what they want to see. Sometime after applying ("about a month"?) you will receive what looks like a form letter saying you've been entered onto the rolls of residents. This is the paper everyone wants to see. Do NOT throw it in the trash, as was my first impulse. For some reason, I saved it, because, truly, it looks like junk mail, and was headed into the bin when my arm stopped working and my head took over. I saved it, and glad I did. It looks rather like a "Welcome to the Community" letter; something of little import. Do not be fooled by its appearance; it is the important piece of paper for your proof of Residenza.

Cheers, John.

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12/20/2019 16:27 EST

Another example of how totally different different regions can be. It’s hard to give advice that applies to everyone and every situation. Our car sales people wanted the Carta. We never got a letter like that?????

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