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Lenght of rental contract?

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2/18/2020 08:16 EST

When applying for an Elective Residency visa a rental contract must by presented along with other documents at the time of one's interview. Is a 6 month agreement acceptable? How about 1 year?

I do know the rental contract has to be in the applicant's name and registered with local authorities.

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2/18/2020 08:51 EST

Your lease agreement must agree with the length of time of your Visa or more. So normally a one year Visa and a one year (minimum) lease. Must be Registered at the comune of your town to be accepted.

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2/18/2020 10:10 EST

The length of residency for the rental contract may depend on the particular Italian Consulate processing the visa application. I needed a one year rental contract (it did not need to be registered) a few year ago. When I arrived in Italy , I applied for and received a 2 yr PDS. I obtained my visa at the Philadelphia Consulate. Maybe some on the forum can weigh in on the practices of particular Italian Consulates recently.

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2/18/2020 10:57 EST

I do think things have changed. I know quite a few people who had to have the lease registered. One was definitely in Philly. And lucky you! getting 2 years PdS. We only can get one at a time. Just goes to show it is hard to give advice on this forum because it differs in all regions and at all consulates!

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2/18/2020 12:55 EST

It must be for the full year.

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2/18/2020 13:06 EST


Italian consulate websites state, "The elective residency visa is for exactly 365 days: no more, no less. An applicant must demonstrate housing and financial resources for a minimum of one year."

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