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Life In kazakhstan??

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6/20/2006 03:46 EST

Hi there,
I'm gonna be posted to Kazakhstan soon.
Can someone describe me the life there? and order
2.USD exchange rate
3.schoolng for children
4.recreational facilities
5.Shopping facilities
6.Cost of living
7.Social groups
8.Internet facilities(home connection broadband)
9.Sports facilities
10. Working with locals

and anything that can entice me to live in Kazakhstan for the next 3 years.

Thanks guys

7/25/2007 13:11 EST

I am moving to Almaty in August to teach at the International School. Any tips about what to bring, who to plan for the next two years?

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8/7/2007 21:25 EST

Hi Senthil,
Check out for exchange rates.
For weather conditions use will be useful on law and order.

11/10/2007 07:05 EST

HI!i would like to ask about living there?my husband and me will transfer there. My husband is a chef and will work in a 5 star hotel in Almaty,,,i would like to know about the cost of living and safetiness?

I would really appreciate your info,,,


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