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Looking for work in Bishkek

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6/20/2011 23:05 EST

My name is Thomas Olsen and I will be studying in Bishkek at the beginning of August until May of next year. I would like to do side work teaching English conversation skills. I have taught before to adults and children in Arequipa Peru. I am very patient and encouraging and willing to work with anyone.

I am willing to work in a number of fields, I have no problem with manual labor, I take orders very well, work very well with other, and also good at office work.

If anyone has anything available let me know, I am not picky and open for anything.

Thomas Olsen

5/10/2014 12:15 EST

Hi Thomas you can not worry about that! If you have a great teaching experience you can find good job in bishkek! Will you going to study in bishkek/? If you have any question I can write me ! Thank you for reading my reply)))

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6/24/2014 01:32 EST

Hello Tomas,

There are several English language schools in Bishkek. One I would recommend is International Language Academy Central Asia. It is run by Mario. I have no idea if he is hiring currently, bou can contact him at Best wishes!

10/5/2014 06:35 EST

Hi Thomas,
It might be useful to check out the American School at Turusbekova. They offer English courses and other courses in English so they might need teachers. Why not drop by at them?

4/23/2016 00:46 EST

Hello everyone, I read the posts on this thread, I too want to teach English in Kyrgyzstan but I want to teach near Karakol so that I can also enjoy the hotsprings there.

I'm Australian but I'm ethnically Chinese. I have 3 years experience teaching English in universities in China and have a very good teaching reputation. My email is

I want to move to Kyrgyzstan to live for about 1 year starting on the 1st July 2016.

I heard that Bishkek is where all the jobs are but I want to also enjoy my stay living near takes and hotsprings.

Oh I also speak some very basic Russian because I lived in Moscow for about 1 year.

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