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Operating an AirBNB?

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1/10/2018 18:40 EST

I'm considering buying a beach area property in Tijuana (using a trust) and renting portions via AirBNB. Any guidance on what type of visa and permissions I would need to do that? Also on the ways to report the income made in Mexico when most of my accounts will be in the US.

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From: Mexico
1/11/2018 16:31 EST

You may eliminate any possibility of avoiding taxes when you sell the property.
You earn money in Mexico and you must pay Mexican taxes, probably need an accountant, etc., etc.
You cannot do anything lucrative in Mexico without a residence visas and permission to work, or a permanent residence visa with notification to INM, etc.
Then, you need a CURP, RFC and other government documents that all residents and citizens need.
Yes....It gets very complicated.

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1/12/2018 02:23 EST

What's a CURP, what's an RFC?

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From: Mexico
1/12/2018 12:12 EST

CURP is a federal credencial unica, or unique credential for the registration of the population; all citizens and legal residents. It is issued by INM/immigration authorities for expats with residence visas.
RFC is the tax registration number for citizens and legal residents, issued by the taxing authorities at the offices of the Recaudadora, and is required now for most other legal actions involving real estate, vehicle registration, banking, etc.

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2/1/2018 23:11 EST

Hi Canyonbreeze!
Tax laws have changed recently regarding AirBNB rentals, The renters pay the taxes and AirBNB pays Hacienda.
I recently spoke to Heather Elliot, she is the guest in a webinar next month with Thomas Lloyd, she will talk about exactly that, there are other hidden taxes, legally if you buy your property through a trust, The trust states that it is for your personal use and not for rentals. It is good to be informed, If you want to contact Heather her e mail is Heather at mymexpert dot com =)

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