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Round Trip ticket?

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8/8/2018 17:11 EST

QUESTION: If you fly into say GDL, and choose to enter on the tourist 180 visa, does Mexican immigration require you to have a round trip? Or is a one way in acceptable, then 180 days later you buy a ticket out?

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From: Mexico
8/8/2018 17:43 EST

Of course. You could even walk, or take a bus out, or ...........?

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8/8/2018 18:17 EST

We usually buy 1 way tics because we never are ready to go back..We are now RP, but only buy 1 way. SW is sweet if it is near u.

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8/8/2018 20:28 EST

Thank you. I'm all set.

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From: Ecuador
8/9/2018 10:18 EST

I can see that you are not a 'seasoned traveler' by asking this question. The chances of the Mexican immigration asking for a return ticket is almost zero unless you are young and undesirable looking. The people that will ask you are at the US airlines check-in counter. I was asked in July flying from Portland to Mexico City. The solution is to 'rent a ticket' There are a couple of websites that do this and the one I recommend is The website explains everything but what it is you specify a date to leave where ever you are going to and they find a flight. The ticket is real and is good for 48 hours so incase they would actually check it will show up on the airlines website as a real ticket. For an extra fee they will even have the ticket to a destination of your choice. But since the departure date is further in the future there is no way you can use it. They send you a link and you print the ticket at home and believe me it works like a charm, the check-in counter person glances at it and hands it back to you. This is the way people now fly around the world at their own pace. And the $12 price, is much better than buying a first-class return ticket and canceling it afterwards and waiting 2-3 months for the refund.

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8/9/2018 18:46 EST

Thank you. I don't recall traveling to another country with a one way ticket. So yes, this is a first for me. Thank you for the information. I'll get right on it.
But I have been to Mexico, Belize, Venezuela, Aruba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Scotland, England, France, Netherlands, India, and Nigeria. ;)

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