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Moving back to USA

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4/4/2019 14:48 EST

Hello all, I need advise. My husbands a US citizen and so are my children. I have a valid Greencard. We lived in the US but had to come to England for family reasons. We moved back over in 2016 but again had to come back to England. Things have prolonged our stay and I have now been out of the US for almost 2 years. The immigration officer last time told me they would fine me if I went back without filing for a re-entry permit (which I didn’t do). What are my options? Do I risk flying ? Will they send me back to the UK? It’s such a mess ??

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4/5/2019 12:09 EST

Hi. I let my green card renewal slip after id left the US, I filled in a ESTA form and it was rejected. I had to go thro the whole process again. You need to contact a good immigration attorney in the US, ive a tel# if you need Good luck

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4/7/2019 06:15 EST

Thank you but my greencard is still valid. I was just wondering about what will happen at the airport immigration when I get there. Surely they can’t deny me entry if I have a house and US citizen husband and children?

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4/7/2019 10:27 EST

Hi. If your green card is still valid , your fine, no problems at all .

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4/30/2020 16:16 EST

You will be fine because you have a green card.

For others reading this. The answer to your question:
"Surely they can’t deny me entry if I have a house and US citizen husband and children?"

Yes the USA can and will . If YOU are not legal you will not enter if you do not have the right paperwork no matter how many houses you have or who you are married to (exceptions may apply)

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