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2/5/2008 21:04 EST

Hey, Everyone!

I'm one of the owners of ExpatExchange.com, and we are planning on expanding the information we have on Saudi Arabia.

We are starting with information about the compounds there. If you are able to provide details about them, we would greatly appreciate everything you have to share. Just respond to this thread if you can help!

Similarly, anyone that would like to contribute to all of the areas we cover for Saudi Arabia, your contributions would be greatly welcomed. Please just respond to this thread if you are interested.



2/6/2008 07:22 EST

Hi We are moving to Jubail in the next few months and will happily post some info and pics for you all

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2/7/2008 13:24 EST

Thanks so much! We will look forward to your contributions. And good luck on your move!

2/8/2008 04:49 EST


Please find below list of compounds in Riyadh.

1) Eid Compound - Compound Manager Mr. Ahmad Farid
80% Europeans no Saudi residents.
Compound Facilities:1 main swimming pool, swimming pool to etch 6 villas
Recreation, gym, children's playing ground, Air flight reservation office, gift
store, Hair Salon, super market, coffee shop and restaurant.
Compound contact number: 2483366
Estimated number of residents 1000

2) Ranco Village -

Compound Manager: Mr. Ahmad Al-Rabia
Compound facilities: recreation, gym, coffee and restaurant, super market, swimming pool,
60% Europeans.
Compound contact number: 4924411

3) Kingdom Compound -

60% Arabs 40% Europeans no Saudi residents.
Compound Facilities: recreation in door basket ball court, out side volley ball
court foot ball field, super market, swimming pool, gym, children's playing
ground, Air flight reservation office, Hair Salon, gift shop coffee shop and
Compound contact number 2750275

Hope the above information will help.

Will e-mail you more details as an when i have something.

Best Regards,

2/13/2008 04:25 EST

I am about to move to Delta Compound and a colleague is at Al Wadi.
Delta accomodation is just OK,older and less well kept than Al Wadi, no views except of walls, and the surroundings are tight with narrow alleys and no shop/restaurant.There is a bus available several times a day for shopping trips though, and a local store nearby. The pool and tennis court are small but good condition and the gym well equipped for small groups.

Al Wadi is more isolated and entered through ghastly razor wire and a machine gun emplacement but that said,once inside the security gates it is far more salubrious and newer than Delta both in Accom and in amenities. More expensive of course.There is a high proportion of Europeans at Al Wadi and more Indian/Pakistanis at Delta from my observations.Will let you know more when I move in next week.

2/20/2008 20:32 EST

Does anybody have any idea which compounds are used for the KAMC hospital in Jeddah and what they are like?


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4/9/2008 16:32 EST

Hi Josh

I created a website when I lived in Jeddah that is still lurking in cyberspace www.geocities.com/jeddahinfo that has a long list of compounds on it - from what I gather from friends still there it hasn't changed much! Hope this helps.



4/16/2008 02:24 EST

I live and work in KSA. I've been here for close to 3 years.... what kind id info do you need?

4/16/2008 20:47 EST

Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions. We essentially are just trying to create a list of compounds in Saudi Arabia that will be useful for anyone trying to find a place. It will be used to enhance the content we offer to expats headed into KSA. It would great to have as many listed as possible, and we prefer to create an article and directly paste in our member's opinions right into the body of the text. Any help is appreciated... and thanks for all the help posted so far!

4/24/2008 09:51 EST

Hello all,
I'm going for a final interview for a role in Riyadh. And i'd like anyone/everyones help. I'm to work out my costings. So....
-How much is a 2-bed place in a nice compound ?
-How much is car rental ?
-What else should i factor in ?

6/18/2008 09:01 EST

Hi, I am going to be moving to Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and living in the delta 2 compound as I am going to be working as a pilates personal trainer for Al Manahil Spa (www.almanahil.com.sa). Just wanted some info on any of the above as I come from Johanessburg South Africa and I am not sure how the lifestyle is in Saudi Arabia at all, heard it is quite strict and very different. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

7/22/2008 09:18 EST

Hi All,

I have prepared a list of all 42 compounds in Riyadh with their phone numbers, websites and emails (if exist)... but unfortunately most of them are full!
Any way... how can I share the list with the other members?

9/30/2008 17:08 EST

Hi, I would love to see the list of the compounds if you wouldn't mind sending them to me. I will be looking for a place in December, so any info ahead of time would be great! My email is

10/14/2008 21:04 EST

I would also appreciate if you could send me the list of Riyadh compounds. My email is


10/22/2008 07:16 EST

I will give what help I can on Jubail.

11/11/2008 03:04 EST

hi Joshwa, ur name remembers me by Jennifer Aniston's bf in Friends :)

Here is a list for compounds that are considered compound-with-facilities. the big names is Riyadh:

1-AL HAMRA Tel: 249 0440 (Home of the British School)

2-AL-ISSA COMP Tel: 491 8400 (Mr Walid) (SR30 to 40,000 rent)

3-AL JAZEERA BADER Tel: 492 1135 (Milwah Al-Shammry)

4-AL MOHAEYA COMPOUND (AKA Boeing) Tel: 482 1222 x 403, 410, 111, 666

5-AL NAKHEEL RESIDENCE Tel: 470 4191 (Peter Howarth-Lees) (Takhassusi St, Near Dallah Hospital)

6-AL-OLA #7 Tel: 460 8095 – 460 7704 (Olaya – Abdullah Hamdan St., between Thalateen & Tahliah)

7-AL ROMAIZON Tel: 274 0917, 488 0533 (Behind Immam University)

8-AL WAHA GARDEN VILLAGE Tel: 278 8414 x 1149 (Rashid Khan) (Junction 10)

9-AL YAMAMAH VILLAGE Tel: 401 2550 (Eastern Ring Road J16)

10-ARAB INVESTMENT COMPOUND Tel: 482 3444, Fax:482 313169 (Nr Diplomatic Quarter) Rents from RS 65.000 per year

11-ARABIAN HOMES Tel: 454 1888 (Martin Shaw) (Prince Abdullah Street, Al-Mursalat)

12-ARIZONA Tel: 248 4444 (Next to Cordoba Compound)

13-ASASCO VILLAGE Tel: 419, 9000 or 419 0936 x 423 (Olaya)

14-CREATORS REAL ESTATE Tel: 478 6708 (Small compounds/individual villas contact: Mr Mahmood)

15-COFRAS COMPOUND Tel: 478 7434 (J30 Dammam Highway)

16-CORDOBA OASIS VILLAGE Tel: 248 3471 (Nr British School)

17-DELTA #1 & #2 Tel: 488 7611 x 245 (Opp. King Saud University)

18-DHABAB GARDENS COMPOUND Tel: 463 1596 - 462 2392 - 462 6762 - 465 0513 (Elite Villas)

21-DYWIDAG SAUDI ARABIA LTD Tel: 246 4144 x 153 (Mr. Joey) (Nr football stadium)

22-EID COMPOUND Tel: 248 3366 (Nr British School)

23-EURO COMPOUND Tel: 478 0718 – 478 7381, Mobile- 055 27 28 36 (Nr Al Akhariah, contact Mr Nicolas. RS 60 to 65,000)

24-EXPAT REAL ESTATE Tel: 454 0404 (Mr. Nasser)

25-FAL COMPOUND Tel: 248 5847 (Larry Heitzman) (J8 Near Arizona)

26-GREEN CITY 470 8880 x 411 (Abdul Karim Al-Lahham) (Prince Abdullah Street, Near Takhassusi (Sheraton))

27-KINGDOM CITY Tel: 275 0275 (Chuck Collins) (Next to Kingdom Hospital, Airport Road)

28-NAJD VILLAGE Tel: 248 1040 x 513 (Ali Askar) (Near Eid Villas)

29-RIYADH VILLAGE (AKA PHILLIPS ERICCSON) Tel: 246 4900 (Nr football stadium)

30-RABWA COMPOUND Tel: 493 1741 (B Lewis) J13 Eastern Ring Road/Kourais Road

31-RANCO VILLAGE Tel: 492 4411 (Med Rowlands)

32-ROC COMPOUND Tel: 241 2800 (Colin) (Al-Silay, J16)

33-SAHARA TOWERS Tel: 462 5666 (Olaya)

34-SUMMERLAND COMPOUND Tel: 454 9152 (Old Airport Road, Al-Malik Fahad

35-VILLAS ROSAS Tel: 482 4417 (Nr Diplomatic Quarter)

the prices are old, add 20-30% for the current prices.


11/15/2008 21:48 EST

I have just arrived in The Kingdom accompanying my husband. We moved into the Arizona Golf Resort compound. It is quite lovely compared to the rest of the landscape here. I have only been here a week so I have very limited opnions. The compound has a nine hole golf course that our villa backs up to. It also has a stable with a lone horse, many, many goats (all sizes), lots of skinny noisy chickens and the grounds are roamed by numerous cats that appear quite successful at begging. The swimming pool area is very resort like with a small restuarant that is open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The menu has a variety of cuisines, and so far all have been delicious. We have a small general store, a state of the art recreation facility, baseball diamond, roller hockey rink and lots of open land to walk. I am quite happy with the facility but miss my camine companion extremely. Many pet dogs out here. I am going to look into what it takes to get mine here. I hope this has been helpful.

12/4/2008 06:15 EST

Hi there

Could you give more info regarding the compounds and the live in Jubail.

We are considering moving there via a job oppertunity.
Would appreciate any feed back.


12/9/2008 01:11 EST

Hey , Ive been to the Azzam camp out north of Jeddah , Its clean and friendly , mostly for the airlines so its quiet as its mainly a stop-over and rest spot , the food etc is good and staff are great, the rooms are 150sar per one night (single) and a house is 700sar 3 rooms , the compound has a large pool and play area for kids , two resturants , italian and chinese, a gym, and recreational area for snooker , ping pong , fuzz ball ,and a supermarket , its about 15 minutes car journey to the beach area and 25 to the mall of arabia for those that like a shopping spree , 25min to all the restruants near the american embassy ie chillis , tgi fridays , ruby tuesdays etc,. its very secure and there are some families and single expats living there , but again the few times ive been its been quiet about the place although the manager said it was fully booked.

12/9/2008 03:05 EST

Hi, I moved to jeddah in the summer as a single young female and choose to stay in a hotel as I felt more secure.
I recommend the HIlton as the best expat hotel as all staff are friendly and its the only hotel in jeddah that has female facilities ( spa, gym, pool, etc). The best beach is the shearton beach where you can meet expats living here.

12/9/2008 03:58 EST

I live in a compound where a lot of the Prince Moh Univ. faculty and staff are housed. The villas are very roomy -- esp. if you're a single--3 berm 31/2 bath w/ an extra small kitchen on the 2nd floor.
There is the traditional guarded entrance complete w/ bunker-like gates and fences.
There is a large pool, rec room, workout rm, and a huge rather lavish main hall w/ a big plasma TV on the 1st flr and 20 computers on the 2nd.

All in all, I find it very comfortable. Just enough kids to make it "norma".

The 3 malls--icluding a new IKEA nearby can be walked to--from 3-5 blocks-albeit they can be a bit "dusty" to get to bec. of all the local construction. We are also near the TABA center which is a giant, rather cheap clothing store.

That's about it for now.

12/13/2008 12:34 EST

I'm moving to KSA in August above Jeddah and would like to know more about bringing in our pets.

3/23/2009 14:50 EST

Jeddah compounds I know personally and have freinds there.

Firstly- just because you wnat it and have the money does not mean you will get it! some compounds have a two year wait list- others have villas mass rented by big compnies (even if the villas are empty they are not avaible)

Luck, being determined, very polite to compound managers, using Wasta if your firm is important will all help-

best Basateen- next to conti school (British inerantaional school) -one of the two best schools- IB and IGCSE amazing facilities lots of parties planned actiovities for kids- high quaity accomdation 5* BUT not for me- kids everywhere- no peace, arabic kids playing out late at night, lots of unsepervised kids and beahviour that some of older generation gasp at! graet facilities eg hairdresser is good.

Sierra- my personal favourite- still graet for kids but a better mix. Alot more Americans. (mainly single men) 5*. the best compound for organsised socail evnets - something on nearly every weekend. classical concerts, balls, parties all sorts- residents are often given option to have tickets.

Great grounds, best tennis courts. Next to american school- afraid not rated as highly as other tewo schools - very few European children I think about 95% arabic- but still good.

Conitnental Village- looks great from the outside, but many single placed there are waiting for Sierra. Very quiet, nothing happens BUT a freindly crwod who do organise things. The furnature and villa maintanenec is very poor compared to Arabian homes- wives may not like- men do not seem to notice. shop, squash courts, lovely pool and grounds, but not much else - tennis court short. Still well liked for thiose that want the quiet life. Also for families who like a quiet life-
Next to highly rated school Jeddah prep. Full british curriculum. A levels IGCSE, National curriculum and SATS for primary.

Murabustan- lovely and lovely villas.

will continue nextt lot when time!

Jeddah g

3/23/2009 20:15 EST

details for Jubail compounds would be highly appreciated, services,facilities and social life.


6/17/2011 03:44 EST

Regarding Eid Villas, there is NOT one swimming pool for every 6 villas. There is one large main swimming pool with a big water slide/wave pool, and three smaller pools throughout the compound.

6/17/2011 22:00 EST

Would anyone have some information on the King Faisal Hospital compound in Riayad? Being a single female, I realize I will have to live there if I accept a position.

6/22/2011 22:06 EST

Can anyone give me info on Eurovillage?

10/20/2011 08:24 EST

Can you please share 42 compound list with me on

thanks in advance

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