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the brit wants to go to sri lanka the sri lanka wants to stay in the uk

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5/29/2003 10:38 EST


Any advice from anyone out there?

My wif'e an academic and engeneer and has lived in the U.k. for 25 years .We visit Sri Lnaka almost every year. We're in our early forties with a 4 year old daughter. I am a social work manager in Criminmal Justice.We both have postgraduate degrees.

if I got a reasonable opaid jonb in Sri LANKA then maybe my wife might be p[ersuaded to return to her homeland. She thinks I'm living in an ivory tower and ahave a romantic view of ythe country based on the holiday visits. My horoscope staes that i'd do well living in Colombo.We are coming accros quite afew refugees from Sri lanka arriving in Scotland living in crap housing schemes. I think they're mad.

I've not looked very hard for jobs but other than as a volunteer there doesnt seem much available in my field.

Glad to hear from anyone. I was in Colombo in February and we intend to spen a mponth there next January

Regards Alan(Mystic)

5/30/2003 08:59 EST

I would do exactly as you..

I have been travelling to SL for many, many years but I don't think it would be possible to find a job.

Sorry, but I think your wife is right, you might be a dreamer..

By the way, I love Scotland too..



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6/20/2004 16:26 EST

I am a brit and my husband is sri lankan and I did work out there for a while but it is very difficult. I am a paediatric nurse and unless you are lucky enough to find work with NGO's or charity's such as save the children etc the only option is voluntary work. A lot of people spend 6 mths in SL and 6 mths in their home country. I understand this may be difficult for you as you have a young daughter but my best suggestion for you would be for you to spend a good few months there on holiday to get a feel for the sri lankan way of life because it is very different to what you experience in just a month. Hope this is of help.

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