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Sri Lankan parents dissaprove of me?

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6/21/2016 20:49 EST

Hi I am Indian and my boyfriend of 3 years is Sri Lankan born and raised in Colombo and came to the us for his studies. He comes from a very traditional family with 3 brothers. I also come from a traditional family but I fought for my boyfriend and my parents gave him a chance and now really like him. Now next month his parents are coming to visit my parents wanted to meet them and so my boyfriend asked his parents. His parents have refused completely and now are emotionally blackmailing him. My boyfriend is very stressed out and I am scared he will break up with me because he admires his dad so much. I am just very disappointed that the parents won't even give me a chance our cultures are pretty similar although the language is not but I am willing to learn and adapt. I am honestly very lost and hurt any advice would be wonderful!

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