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Advice in getting a second three month visa

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8/19/2016 11:20 EST

Hi, I am in Hikkaduwa a month and a half. After getting the initial one month tourist visa, I extended it for another two months. I read that there is a possibility to get another 3 months. Has anyone done this? Need feedback on your success/ failure

8/23/2016 10:48 EST

Hi there! I asked a friend living in Sri Lanka and he said that you can apply from immigration for another 3 months and pay anywhere between 20,000 to 25,000 LKR. After that you have to fly elsewhere but apparently can then start this process over again by flying back in. I haven't done this nor have I talked to any tourist doing this, but is info from a Sri Lankan friend and he said the government knows by doing this way they have tourists spending money there. Hope this helps

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8/23/2016 14:58 EST

Thanks so much. Will try to do it from outside the country. It says a 6 month multiple visa is available

8/26/2016 05:18 EST

Hi, I can help you with your enquiry.
We have done this for several years now. You have to fill in the downloadable app the same as your first 3 months, then go to the visa office. the cost is the same as your first 3 months with tax on top. It tells you on immigration website exact figures. They may ask to see your ticket back out of the country, or proof of funds to cover your trip, or evidence of your expenditure so far.
We normally take everything, to save a trip back. We have only had an issue on one occaission, but we have got a lot of stamps in our passports from previous years. Think they just wanted to double check we wern't working, everything was fine when we went back.
Hope this helps, happy to answer any questions.

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