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More plans to make..maybe

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9/5/2016 02:17 EST

its a bit of dejevu as we are British and made the move to Nz ten years ago and now would like to move somewhere else whilst we can as our children would be nearer.
At this stage its probing looking at where we should live and enjoy our lives by giving up work.
Both well travelled and avid scuba divers with my wife having visited and worked there years ago.
Looking at property and land websites which are limited so any useful tips would help.

9/5/2016 07:31 EST

we are from Australia and moving to Galle next year. We visited SL couple of times, then went around looking at properties via a couple of agents. Pls give me your email address if you are interested in finding out who we bought our land from.

Best of luck.

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9/5/2016 10:44 EST

Hi I'm Malinda Marasinghe. I'm a owner of relocation service providing company and having a 5 years of experience in destination service providing. If need my help in home search ,school search, departure services, airport pick up , orientation etc. My contact details below.


Thank you

9/5/2016 15:55 EST

We are all sorted thanks with a friend who lives there.

9/18/2016 03:35 EST


HRU? If you need a home search or orientation in colombo or whatever place in srilanka. Please call me.


Thank you
Malinda Marasinghe

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