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Unable to get driving license - due to COVID backlog

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10/6/2020 06:03 EST

Hello. Is anyone else in a similar position to my wife and I? We moved to the UK from USA last October. We new we had 12 months to get our local driving license. Then COVID hit.

We got our provisional license but we cannot even find an open booking to take the theory or practical tests. The DVLA office says that we now can only drive with a supervisor who is over 21! And our insurance company is wanting us to change info.

Is anyone else in a similar predicament? Does anyone know who we could lobby to have the 12month rule extended?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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11/30/2020 04:09 EST

Hello. My husband and I are in the same position with similar timing. Have you been successful in making progress on scheduling your tests?

We had our theories booked for November 9, but then those were cancelled because of this second lockdown. We now have theory tests rebooked for December 10. Of course the backlog for practical tests is 2-4 months....

If you haven’t already done so, I’d suggest you write your MP, write Boris Johnson (he has a website and email address) and file online complaints with both the DVLA and DVSA. There is also an online petition that you should sign and pass to friends to sign.


I was successful in getting a response from our MP this weekend and he has sent a formal letter to the Executive Director at the DVLA requesting they consider a solution for our situation.

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