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6/10/2021 18:31 EST


I was originally born in the UK and lived there until 2002. I moved to the USA where I have been ever since I'm a dual
Citizen retaining my British passport

My wife and children (7 and 1) are all USA citizens but my kids also have UK passports. My wife does not have UK citizenship

I'm now strongly considering moving back to the UK. South England likely and I want to know the best way to do it

Can we start the paperwork while living in California so that we can all travel over together? Do o have to go over first and then apply for my wife?

Secondly. She is a fully trained Pilates instructor so she wants to know can she start working straight away while there on the settlement visa?

Thanks. I'm sure there will be more questions

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6/11/2021 08:05 EST

You'll be trying to get her a spouse visa, so you'll need to start the process ahead of time.

You'll need to demonstrate that you have an income of 18,000 pounds (last I checked), have suitable accommodation, and prove you're married.

Once you secure a spouse visa for her, she'll be able to work without restrictions.

Something to consider is working with an immigration attorney. They can help with any special circumstances. You just need to decide if you want to pay their fees, or try to go it alone via the consulate. Obviously this is a crazy time, so you'll need to check there for any specific restrictions given COVID.

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6/11/2021 09:15 EST

Thanks for that information

It's at least two years away so we have time to plan. We will be buying a house there once we sell our home in San Diego

I'm originally from Belfast but will be moving to somewhere around the Plymouth area. We'll be taking a long vacation there next year to look around

I'll have a good look around the visa stuff and see what it's like and see if I need help

Thanks again

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6/11/2021 15:57 EST

You're welcome! Thanks for joining Expat Exchange.

The long vacation is a fantastic idea... and please do share what you find along the way here on the forum!

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