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looking for a rent in harare

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5/26/2008 06:06 EST

Hello. :)

I've been living in Harare for approximately two years. Currently I'm looking for a place to rent for a year to finish my studies. I'm most interested to places that are close to Harare International School and have reasonable pricing. I will be living by myself or probably with my brother. I will be glad to see any replies. Thank you. :D

7/2/2008 10:41 EST

I have a three bedroomed house in Belvedere, very close to the city centre and another one in Waterfalls which is four bedroomed house.

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10/20/2008 08:09 EST

Hi there,

tell me about your house in belvedere, how much rental are you looking for per month and which area of belvedere is it, also when will it be available??

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