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Topic of the Week: Real Estate in Zimbabwe

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6/17/2009 12:48 EST

Please share your experiences finding a home abroad... we'll be using your responses in upcoming articles and our Property Section.

Do you own a home abroad or rent? How did you find your home? What factors did you consider most when choosing your home and neighborhood or town (proximity to work / public transportation / schools, rental income potential, (if you own), etc.)? What do you love about your home? What do you dislike? What is the real estate market currently like in Zimbabwe? Also, feel free to include recommendations for good real estate agents in your area.

Plus: Casting Call from House Hunters International (Full Details)

If you are in the final stages of closing on a home or have recently bought a home abroad and are interested in being cast in an upcoming episode of HGTV's House Hunters International, email with a few details about yourself (your name, info about where you are moving to/from, brief story of your journey, and a photo of the family members involved, etc.). Upon receipt of your e-mail, they will forward you further casting information.

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