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Expat Guide to Living Abroad

Whether you're already living abroad or preparing to move overseas, our Expat Guide to Living Overseas can help guide you. For answers to specific questions, use our Country Forums to talk with other expats and retirees already living abroad.

Living Abroad: Digital Nomads in Prague, Czech Republic

Digital nomads are drawn to Prague for a wide variety of reasons: cost of living, nightlife, food and beer. This is a primer that will be continuously updated.

11 Tips for Living in Prague

Expats in Prague offer advice to newcomers about living in Prague. Topics covered include international schools, best neighborhoods for expats, clubs for expats and more.

7 Healthcare & Health Insurance Tips for Expats in the Dominican Republic

Expats share tips and advice about healthcare and health insurance in the Dominican Republic. Advice about private hospitals, Zika and Chikungunya in the Dominican Republic and much more.

Living Abroad: Digital Nomads in Budapest, Hungary

Expats and Digital Nomads say Budapest has "a richness of stimuli of every sort" and is a "city both gorgeous and ALIVE." It's no wonder why it's become such a popular location for digital nomads.

12 Tips for Living in Montreal, Canada

12 Tips for Living in Montreal, Canada

Montreal boasts a rich cultural heritage, numerous employers and food that rivals many of the great cities in the world. Here are several things to know before taking the plunge and moving there, whether you're trying to bolster your career path or looking for unique retirement options.

Moving to Paradise Island, Bahamas

An expat talks about making the move to The Bahamas. He wishes he'd brought cooler work clothing and tech-friendly items. Plus, be prepared for higher utility bills, such as a $500 to $750 a month power bill.

Moving to Boquete, Panama

An expat who moved to Boquete, Panama talks advises newcomers to find a short-term rental to have time to explore without committing to one place. She has found that rental prices in Boquete are about a fourth of what they are in the US.

Culture Shock in Piriapolis, Uruguay

An American who retired to Uruguay talks about why he moved to Piriapolis. He offers incredible insight into culture shock, how the challenges of living in Uruguay gradually wore on him and what he appreciated about the culture in Uruguay.

Culture Shock in Perugia, Italy

An expat talks about living in Perugia, Italy where locals aren't glued to their cell phones and family values are important. He also talks about the challenges of learning the language, obtaining a drivers license and more.

Living in Tijuana, Mexico

An expat in Tijuana, Mexico talks about what it's like living in a border city, locals focus on family, athletic activities and more.

Living in Montezuma, Costa Rica

An expat in Montezuma, Costa Rica talks about learning to live more simply, let go of material things and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and life. But, you'll also have to adjust to living without Starbucks, driving on very bumpy roads, lots of insects and rainy season.

Dream vs Reality of Living in Lisbon, Portugal

A New Yorker talks about moving to Lisbon in hopes of finding a slower pace of living, shorter commutes, more friends, better food, better weather and access to more affordable culture events.

Additional Articles
11 Healthcare & Health Insurance Tips for Expats in The Bahamas

Expats in The Bahamas share tips and advice about healthcare and health insurance in The Bahamas. Advice about emergency services on smaller islands, flying to Florida for care, ambulance services, prescription medicine and having a baby in the Bahamas.

Living Abroad: Digital Nomads in Medellin, Colombia

Expats in Colombia have taken full advantage of this South American nation's miraculous comeback after decades of chaos. Digital nomads have also found there way to Medellin, its second largest city, for a wide variety of reasons.

10 Expat-Friendly Cities in The Netherlands and What It's Like Living There

Expats in The Netherlands talk about 10 expat-friendly cities, what life is like there and how to meet people.

8 Things Expats Wish They Had Known Before Moving to Hungary

Expats share 8 things they which they had known before they made the big move to Hungary - from what to bring to finding a good bank, healthcare to deciding where to live.

Living Abroad: Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The number of people interested in becoming a digital nomad continues to grow, and Chiang Mai is considered by many to be one of the top destinations in the World. Find out why this city in Northern Thailand is so alluring to digital nomads throughout the world.

Living Abroad: Digital Nomads in Dublin

The number of people interested in becoming a digital nomad continues to grow, and those that are interested in a thriving metropolis as a destination would be wise not to scratch Dublin - and other cities in Ireland - off your list.

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