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3/14/2016 14:28 EST

My partner Tom and I are planning a trip in either April or May to Belize, we are interested in buying a place near the water, preferably ocean not lagoon, between 200,000 and 350,000 at least three bedrooms, 2 bath and are wondering what would be good areas to check out

3/31/2016 09:53 EST

Brad hit the proverbial 'nail on the head' buying property in Belize or for that matter anywhere in the Caribbean, most prices are highly inflated . but come to sell, that's another matter, so make very sure you plan, and buy wisely

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3/31/2016 09:49 EST

IF/when in the Placencia area, make sure to see the Plantation area (Caribbean Way), which is about 8 miles north of town, nice beaches, enclave of friendly ex-pats and not too far from town nor all the amenities coming soon to the northern Placencia Peninsula.

3/31/2016 09:01 EST

Here is where you need to check out if coming to Belize, BEFORE spending ANY MONEY - go to ALL of these places, then Rent in your top three for at least 2 months each. Re-selling here can be tough, you can lose money and might take YEARS to resell - you need to make sure you want and CAN live here first before spending anything.

Check out these areas:
Ambergris Caye / Caye Caulker (islands)
San Ignacio
Hopkins / Sittee River Area

See what you like, then then decide from there

3/30/2016 20:37 EST

I also know of a GREAT buy in Corozol on the bay. There is a little guest house complex for sale. There is a 3 bedroom.3 bath structure with a kitchen and commons area. There is a garage apartment and another apt. You could live in the guest house and rent the other two for about a 2K US monthly income.. 350K....Actually, the lot across the street is for sale for 100K US. It has a beach front and sea wall.. There could be dock access...If I had your $$..THAT is where I would put a house. You won't have to clear out mangoes and build a sea wall.....You could build a great concrete house with tile floors cheaply. Actually, a friend of mine did acid washed concrete for 250.00 US....It is fabulous looking......

3/30/2016 20:29 EST

Hi....I own a house in Corozol on the Chetemal Bay. My house is near the bay. There are some nice houses for sale by the bay. Also, Consejo Shores is an expat community 12 miles down the road. There are some nice houses in there as well. One thing to consider is during the rainy season, the road washes out down that way. Personally, knowing what I know now, I would buy a lot on the bay up in Finca Solana. I would either build my own house out of concrete and reebar steel. You could build a really nice house for what you have and end up with some change. OR, you could check out the Mennonite houses which are wooden , well built, and made of wood. These are prefabricated down at The Shipyard. They are put on stilts and finished on the inside according to your tastes. For well under 1ooK.US. You could get a nice house, add a huge screen porch, ........The hard woods in Belize are mahagany ...One good thing about Corozol is since the Yucatan Peninsula drapes around the top of the bay, when a Hurricane comes, the water sucks out of the bay.....I basically remodled a house by myself..with Belizean contractors. I had to fire a couple, but now I am much wiser.......

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