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Retirement in Ecuador - Cuenca?

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5/8/2008 11:50 EST

My wife and I are in the process of investigating various places to retire. Ecuador has recently been recommended and we have been reading all we can (what little there is) about what Ecuador has to offer. We are not particularly interested in living in a large city, as we are interested in gardening and would need to have some small land to tend. If anyone would be willing to share their experiences with/ideas about retirement in Ecuador and whether Cuenca would be a good choice for us, we would certainly appreciate the guidance. Thanks in advance for your help, -- Rich

7/11/2012 10:47 EST

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7/10/2012 15:30 EST


7/10/2012 13:07 EST

If you are willing to do some homework you will find a lot of information regarding retiring in Cuenca and in Ecuador generally. Both subjects were discussed extensively in the past and they still are. Search archives and you won"t be disapointed. Besides the site just mention above by somebody else, there are at least two groups on yahoo exclusivey devoted to Cuenca and to Ecuador coastal areas.

5/14/2008 08:44 EST

Try for info.

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