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Apostilled documents

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4/4/2021 14:36 EST

My husband and I are moving down in 2 weeks and will be applying for temp. residency visa's. We will be sending our fed. background checks to DC to be apostilled. We will have to wait to get our documents since apostilled process is so backed up. I also read that the socuments need to be translated into spanish. How is that process done? Can it be done after we receive our documents? Any help or suggestions are welcome

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4/13/2021 19:53 EST

We leave Helena, MT at 6am 4/21/21. We are staying at a hotel near the Quito airport for 2 nights and flying to Manta on 4/23/2021. We are so excited to move down, We bought the condo in 2012, and are just now going to be able to reap the reward.

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4/6/2021 01:05 EST

Our condo is in the Paradise Beach II condo complex. We are about halfway between Crucita and the Boca. Our very dear friends own Cabanas Vistamar B&B near the end by the Boca.
Our favorite place to eat is Riminis

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4/4/2021 17:41 EST

Hi, where at in Crucita is your condo?
My wife and I moved to Crucita in October 2020. We have a beach house on the north end, (in las Gillias i think) and we love it here. Big changes going on in Crucita. lots of road work happening now. The main road that parallels the beach is in the process of getting paved. They are adding a main street that comes from the beach, and other road improvements.
Have you eaten at Motumbos on the malecon?

Great food and service.

Safe trip and hope to see you in Crucita.

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4/4/2021 16:41 EST

Thank you for the information. We will be getting down there without any our fed. background checks because of the delay in DC. We can have our state background checks done here where we live (Helena, MT) I know that we will be cutting it close with waiting for the documents to be sent from DC once apostilled. Unfortunately, our nearest embassy is in Phoenix AZ. So it will be a nail biter. We will be moving to Crucita. We bought a condo on the beach in 2012 and have been down 2 other times but are finally able to move down permanently. Can't wait to retire.

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4/4/2021 15:38 EST

It's been quite a few years since I had my documents apostilled, so they may have changed the requirements. When I received my apostilled docs. it was necessary to translate them into Spanish by an approved translator, then notarized and certified. This can be done either in the States or in Ecuador. Notarization and certification are two different processes.

In either the States or here, the translator must take the original and the translation to a Notary to be notarized. Then you would take the documents to the visa office, or if you're in the States, to the Ecuadoran Consulate to be approved and stamped.

For my Permanent Retirement Visa, I happened to be in the U.S. so I had all the necessary apostilled and other documents that needed to be translated, done in Florida by a recognized document translator, then took everything to the Ecuadoran Consul in Miami to be approved and stamped.

All I had to do when I got back to Ecuador, was submit everything in Guayaquil and receive my Permanent Visa. I was then able to obtain my Ecuadoran cedula within 10 days of receiving my visa. I don't know if it's still required, but even with your visa, and passport, you were required to have a copy of your original ( apostilled? ) birth certificate, along with a notarized translation of it in Spanish.

It pays to be a bit anal when dealing with documents here. Always have more copies than you "think" is required and NEVER surrender the originals unless absolutely required to. That goes for your passport and cedula. Always use copies and keep your original safe.

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