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7/7/2005 09:52 EST

I have recently moved to Almaty with my wife. We would be interested in meeting anyone interested in Almaty. I am currently looking for work also. I have a business background in sales and management, with a focus in construction. If anyone has a suggestion or has a need please let me know.

5/29/2006 12:02 EST


are you still in almaty , and what's your experience - i've been filming in alamty several times and i'm cdevelopping a screenplay that is plocated in kazhakstan and i'm looking for ex-pat experiences - please mail me at - i'm currently living in Paris .

Thanks a lot F.


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9/14/2005 05:48 EST

I also moved here recently. My wife is from here. I meet with some other foreigners to play soccer on wednesdays, if you like to play. Or you guys can join us for some beers, coffee or whatever. Also, if you need to find any type of apartment or house, I can help you. E-mail me at

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