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2/26/2019 00:24 EST

I was thinking of a trip to some Pacific Coast beach town and realized that, for no particular reason I can think of, I've not only never yet been to Zihuatanejo, I've never even talked to anybody who has. Anyone here who has been, and who loved it or hated it or didn't care about it one way or another?

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1/4/2021 17:50 EST

Doesn't Andy, from Shawshank Redemption, live there ??? (wink)

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10/31/2020 18:10 EST

Hi, my husband and I own a condo in the marina in Ixtapa which is a tourist destination just outside of Zihuatanejo. We have been vacationing there for the past ten years. I would highly recommend a visit and either stay in Ixtapa or may I suggest La Ropa beach in Zihuatanejo which is quite picturesque and walking distance to downtown Zi.

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2/27/2019 13:05 EST

For me I like locations near an airport in case there is an emergency. I live in a non tourist area. I am in Puerto Madero Chiapas which is by Tapachula.

The only way to know is to go, nothing is better than seeing for yourself. If I loved it doesn't mean you will. I've driven that coast and it didn't stand out to me. I personally like Mexico for the slower lifestyle and lower cost of living

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